Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Rose by Any Other Name.

If you have read my about me, you know I hate my name: Sarah.

When I was younger, I wasn't fond of it. But I absolutely hated my middle name (Jane), so I wasn't going to go by it. When I got to be about 9 or 10, I had read and seen the movie of The Face on the Milk Carton. The main character is a girl named Janie. I thought about going by Janie for a while, but never grew a set of balls enough to change it over.

When I moved to Tennessee, I was going to get a fresh start - and again, I thought about going by Janie. But then I didn't. Totally copped out.

Now that I'm an adult, I'm still bothered by my first name. I have gotten to the point now where I cringe when someone calls me by my name.

My grandma actually goes by her middle name - which is Jane. I guess she hated her first name too (it's not Sarah). I recently asked my mom when my grandma started going by Jane and she wasn't sure. She had gone by Jane my mom's whole life. I talked to her about going by a nickname of my middle name and she didn't seem too phased by it. She said she always hated Kathleen and that's why she goes by Kathy. So...

Now I'm like...

When do I start going by Janie? I think if I even do go by a different name, it'll have to wait until we move and my husband gets out of the army here in a couple years. That way all the new people in our lives can just meet me as Janie or whatever. Because I think people would be like WTF..if all of a sudden I'm like call me a different name. LOL

I'm still not sure...

So my question to you all is - how many of you go by nicknames/variations of your first or middle name? When did you start going by that? How did that transition go?


Chantal said...

I hated my name for awhile (Chantal) and still get annoyed when people say/spell it wrong. But I don't think I'd change it!

If you feel compelled to go by Janie, just start introducing yourself as that, maybe?

Madison said...

My birth name was AWFUL. I HATED IT SO MUCH OMG YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I was the only kid with a weird name until high school. Now every little kid seems to have a weird name but back when I was kid, it was only me. And I HATED IT. Enough that when I got married, I legally changed it to Madison(I just liked that name and picked it). My birthname is now my middle name and I honestly regret ever keeping it to begin with. I wish I hadn't. That's how much I hate it. I wish I could just make it gone forever.

Anyway, it was a pretty easy transition for me. After we got married and I changed my full name, my husband got a job in Illinois so we moved. And then everyone I met just knew to call me Madison instead of my birthname. It was trickier with family, but it's better now three years later.

I say just announce it to your family at a get together sometime. Tell them you wish to be called Janie starting now and you'd appreciate it if they could respect your decision and make an effort to call you by the name you wish to be called. This was sorta how I approached it and how I went about enforcing it. Only much more forceful and mean because my family was NOT supportive or cooperative.

long comment is long, I know, but names are an important, sensitive topic for me as you can see. Good luck!

Abbey said...

I'm Abbey instead of Abigail, but I always have been. A girl in high school tried to change her name and it did NOT work out for her. But I think high schoolers are just mean.