Wednesday, November 7, 2012

TV Talk: Nashville and The Vampire Diaries

Time for some more TV Talk :) Woo! I actually really love doing this. It's something kind of fluffy to talk about when I'm having a boring week. Last time, I talked about a bunch of tv shows, including The Mindy Project and Modern Family. This time, it's all about Nashville and The Vampire Diaries.

Okay, I always take the time to look at new movies and shows that are coming out and see what I want to give a shot because it looks or sounds good. Nashville was not one of the shows I originally showed interest in. I saw a preview and perked up when I saw Hayden Panettiere because I adore her. I decided to give it a shot and I immediately fell in love from the first 10 minutes. So here are my thoughts on the first few episodes I've watched:

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Rayna is kind of Reba-esque for me - not that she sounds/acts like Reba, but more she has been around forever and she has red hair. LOL. Connie Britton is still a new face for me - I did see her in AHS and that's really not much to judge an actor/actress's talents. I do like her so far though. I'm curious with all the stuff with her husband and her dad, especially. Cannot wait to see where that storyline goes.

Juliette - woah nelly!  It's hard to hate her when you see her breakdown about her family life, but then it's kind of easy when she treats everyone like crap. But then she sings and you love her songs. Definitely a back and forth, love/hate relationship. At this point, I think I'm pulling for her!

Let me just tell you how completely excited I was when I saw CHIP from Whose Line on this show! Oh my gosh! YES! I love Chip. His character is an ex-alcoholic and had a long, long relationship with Rayna. He's definitely my favorite character of the show. I'm really pro-Deacon/Rayna relationship. I hope it happens in the end.

Then you have the little blonde girl who works at the Bluebird, her musician boyfriend, and the guy who writes music that she sings with. I obvs don't like musician boyfriend. I love love love the song they sang at the Bluebird. It's so haunting and beautiful. I'm obsessed with it.

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So overall, the music is incredible. I've been getting the tracks left and right because they are incredible. I absolutely would recommend this show to country music lovers. Or anyone who loves a good drama :)

VAMPIRE DIARIES!!! What, what!?!

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So when season 3 was almost done, I jumped on the Vampire Diaries bandwagon. I wish I would've watched season 3 again so I could have a refresher on everything going on...I had forgot that Claus=Tyler and all that mess. I had forgotten how the vampires transition because every vampire story creator does it different nowadays. But overall, these first few episodes are so exciting. I hope Damon gets to kill the assassin. I am super Team Damon. If you're Team Stefan, we can't be friends anymore. LOL

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Do you watch Nashville or The Vampire Diaries? Tell me your thoughts puh-leaze! :)


lily white english rose said...

i love the vampire diaries!! i am so team damon but my sister is team stefan, world war 3 kicks off whenever we try to talk about who is better lol

JanM ♥ said...

Damon is insanely hot. INSANELY. I sometimes feel awkward that the boyfriend is next to me while I'm gushing over how hot Damon is. LOL

Oh and I realized I am not following you on GFC, only on Twitter. LOL I've fixed that and followed you :)

I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

tara said...


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I'm a huge fan of both shows.

Nashville: I hate Juliette, she's nasty! I also hope Deacon and Rayna end up together. And I'm similarly obsessed with the duet at the Bluebird.

Damon is the hottest man ever. I like Stefan more than I have in past seasons.