Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fortune Plans for 2013

I've gotten really overwhelmed in the last few months with personal blogging - and also a little discouraged. Sometimes it is hard for me not to compare blogs. So I took to messaging my besties: Amber & Melissa. They helped me come up with some ideas and I'm excited to change up Fortune Favors ever so slightly.

I've always tried to stick to a very normal posting schedule. In the new year, it will be mixed up a bit and go like this:

Sun - TV/Movies/Pop Culture
Mon - Most Clicked for TPP + Weekend Update (like Melissa does on her blog)
Tues - TPP linky party
Weds - Book Review
Thurs - Things I Don't Love Thursday with Melissa
Fri - Nail Files
Sat - Personal Post/Off day

Per Amber's suggestion, I will try to link up to more hops. I usually put all my energy into Fantastical. It's my blog baby. It gets all my attention. I do work very hard to put some love into this blog, but it's definitely not my first priority.

I am also probably going to change my sponsorship to swap spots and a one size (like a largeish) that is $5. I've really fallen off this whole sponsorship/group giveaway/spotlight type deal. That's not what my blog is about. My blog is about my life - my kids, my cats, my hubs, what I read, what I watch, etc. Not about other people's blogs - no offense, y'all :)

So that's the major plan and hopefully I'll stick to it and it'll make Fortune more successful (not necessarily popularity wise, but building a better relationship with the followers I already have and draw them in to comment!).


Chantal said...

Those are some great ideas!

Melissa @ Lulu and Sweet Pea said...

I think you have a great plan! I'm excited to see the changes in 2013 :) And yes...I was going to say the same about sponsors on my page too.'s about my blog, not other people's. Not sure if that's the right attitude but it's the darn truth