Thursday, December 20, 2012

My First VoxBox.

I recently signed up for Influenster and have been reviewing like a maniac. I've gone and checked out some opinions on products and other goodies on the site as well. As a very stubborn, particular consumer, I value peoples' opinions before I go out and waste money on something.

Disclaimer: I received a Cosmo VoxBox in the mail via Influenster for my honest opinions. I was not compensated for these opinions in any way.

 So...what exactly did I get in my Cosmo VoxBox??

 Starting at Top Left: Ghirardelli Sea Salt escape chocolate bar, Pilot Frixion Ball Pen (in black and purple), Gillette Venus Embrace razor with Venus & Olay cartridge and $2 off coupon, 
and Bath & Body Works Forever Red perfume (7mL)

My Thoughts

Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape chocolate bar
I'm a huge fan of Ghirardelli anyways, so having this in my voxbox made my day. Not to mention it is a sea salt chocolate bar. I just recently discovered the magic of sea salt with sweets. As if sweets weren't addictive enough! I am on the lookout for another couple of these to bake with - I'm thinking brownies.

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Pilot Frixion Ball pen
My go-to pen is the Pilot G2. I'm a complete pen snob, use pens pretty much exclusively, and I don't like others to borrow my pens. I didn't know what to expect with the Frixion. I like that it is a gel ink, much like the G2, and I really love the erase feature. My 5 year old just used it on his homework. It writes smoothly and evenly. The purple one is really pretty. Personally, I still prefer the Pilot G2 for a black pen, but I do like the Frixion.

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Gillette Venus Embrace razor
Since I started shaving my legs in middle school, I've used Venus razors. They are easily the best razor on the market while maintaining a reasonable price. I started using the disposable Venus lately and haven't tried the newest of the nondisposable razors - I believe the last "new" one I tried was the Venus Vibrance. I've actually turned my husband into a Venus fan and he uses them for shaving his face (and chest).  I also have particularly sensitive skin. Venus razors are the only razors that don't irritate it. Probably one of my favorite things about the Venus razors is that you can use any of the cartridges on any of the razor bases. Even though I have an Embrace base, I can use any of the Venus cartridges. I haven't gotten to try the Venus & Olay cartridge, but look forward to it. The Embrace was a very close shave with its five blades. I'd absolutely recommend any girl (or guy) to use Venus razors...whether it be the Embrace or any other. The Embrace is definitely the best of the ones I've tried!

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Bath & Body Works Forever Red perfume
This was the part of my voxbox I was least excited about. I'm not a perfume kind of girl. I don't wear it and I don't like the overpowering smell of it. I pulled out the Forever Red and immediately fell in love. Let me just share what the BBW site says about it:
"Our most luxurious longest lasting fragrance blends opulent notes of fiery red pomegranate and delicate peche de vigne, a rare and fleeting French peach. Soft petals of red osmanthus give way to notes of addictive velvety marshmallow and a surprising finale of rich vanilla rum that leaves an unforgettable impression.

  • Top Notes: Fiery Pomegranate, Rare French Peach, Luminous Apple
  • Mid Notes: Red Peony, Night Marigold, Red Osmanthus
  • Dry Notes: Rich Vanilla Rum, Velvety Marshmallow, Oak Wood"
It smells so good. Nothing is too overpowering and the blends of the scents - I cannot even explain how good it smells! Definitely stop by your local BBW and get a whiff of these. You won't leave the store without a Forever Red scent - it comes in body lotion, body mist, body cream, shower gel, perfume, and a perfume/lip gloss wand combo!

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Chantal said...

I got the same one! Though I'm jealous you got a purple pen when I got orange :(

Mrs. Williams {Persnickety Plates} said...

I got an email that I'm getting the next VoxBox (my first). I'm excited :)

The Pink Growl said...

Love this post! I got a VoxBox too! I sure did devour that chocolate, yummy!