Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Life Lately.

I guess I'm overdue for a "hey, there is more than just TPP, books, and nails to my life" post. But I've been so durn busy that I haven't gotten around to a personal life post. I think I finally have a second to breathe today before the madness starts again.

So let's go over my life for the past month and a half:

In the beginning of November, Cami & I had the flu. Matthew gave it to us after being sick maybe 2 days. We had it for a week. Nick was down in GA/TN because his little brother was graduating Basic Training :) I skyped with him, my sister-in-law Emma, and soon to be sister-in-law, Casey (Nick's brother Zack and her got engaged this past weekend!)
 My poor sick baby with Muffin ^^

I had FRG Leader training, a dentist appt, and the kids had dentist appts. Hubs has had 24hr staff duty three times in November. Plus there have been steering meetings and FRG meetings (Family Readiness Group - it's the army's volunteer group that each company has to keep spouses and family members informed of company events). Then Nick got sick for a whole weekend or so with the flu :(

The kids playing with the train set at the dentist ^^

My baby lost his first tooth on Nov 20!! He never takes a serious picture anymore. So here is his derpin' face. He's actually really good at making his one eye cross LOL

We went to our friends' for Thanksgiving. Here was the turkey I made:

My little man got the Good Citizen award for November at his school. All of us surprised him and came to the ceremony. He was so excited that Nick got to come. He waved so much at us until it started! He's on the bottom row, far left.

We put up our tree - hubby fighted it at first and then once it was up he mentioned he was glad we did because it looks awesome and festive.

The first Monday in December, hubs left to go do a field exercise for a week. Matthew had his first parent/teacher conference a few days later. It went so well. He is leaps and bounds ahead of all the kids, especially in reading. I'm not sure how they do the levels, but most of the kids are at an a or b, Matthew is at a g. He is doing so well with everything. He listens well, is respectful, and he has tons of friends. His teacher said she loves how excitable he is. He gets excited about everything! :) I'm so very very proud of him! I was really worried that he'd be a little behind because he didn't go to preK and kids are so smart nowadays, but thankfully he is doing well!
^^ His page in the class book - he said he's an author and illustrator!

Cami and I went on a coffee date with the other company FRG leaders in the battalion. This is totally out of the norm for me because I'm so shy. But the other ladies are really sweet and we sat around for I think way longer than we planned chatting it up.

Last Sunday, the kids and I went to the dining facility on the airfield to help make and bake cookies for the single soldiers with the other companies. It was really fun to get to hang out with two of the other wives from Charlie Company and to get to do something fun and awesome for the single soldiers. But that took up most of my Sunday and Cami had been sick on Saturday and I thought I was catching I was asleep by 9:15pm (which is super early for me).


Nick got back from the field yesterday and tomorrow we have a FRG meeting, and then FRIDAY!!!! Friday we leave at midnight to go home to Tennessee for a few weeks. :) I'm so excited. My mom is coming down from Minnesota too and I haven't seen her in 3 years and I'm so happy!


Lauren said...

Your hair has gotten really long! Love those last pics:) And I can cross one of my eyes, too!

Melissa @ Lulu & Sweet Pea said...

I'm overdue for a good post too! Just too busy.

I love how cute Matthew is in the front of the pic for his Good Citizen award. Such a ham!!! And I love his derp face LOL

I'm glad you sickies are all feeling better!!!