Thursday, January 3, 2013

Things I Don't Love Thursday

My lovely friend, Melissa, started doing a linky party of her own on Thursdays. I decided to get more involved in linky parties in 2013, so this should be a regular on the blog (for the most part). Things I Don't Love is a light-hearted way to rant out some stuff that you don't like - pop culture, life, random stuff, etc.

What I'm Not Loving Lately:

**the 16-hour drive that separates us from home**
We're about to go back to New York and I hate driving the whole sixteen hours...especially during the winter. Especially with two kids and two cats in a mid-size sedan.

Hey douchebags, you are completely ripping off of Monster High dolls...and failing. 
Monster High for life, yo!

**peer pressure to move to Wordpress**
It seems like quite a few people are moving to WP due to pressure from others. I tried WP once and came right on back to Blogger. There are some uber popular bloggers out there who still have dot blogspot addresses. It makes me feel a lot better.

Linking up with Melissa...


Madison said...

I hate driving, so driving for sixteen hours sounds just awful. I hate driving alone, so the fact that you have to add in two kids and cats(omg cats?!) is just, wow. :( The only time I've done a long car ride with cats was when we moved from Minnesota to Illinois. Omg. Never. Again.

I love Can't say I know anything about though. I think ultimately it depends on what you want to do with your blog. With what I want to accomplish with my blog, blogger would've been fine for me. Except I wanted 100% control over my blog, access to thousands of plugins, and the customization that wp offers. Blogger is great for some people but wordpress is great for others. It just depends. And if you're happy with blogger, thats great! No need to change unless you want to. But if you do have any questions on, I'd be happy to answer what I can :)

Chantal said...

I was happy with Blogger and I'm happy with WordPress. Do what makes you feel right!

Melissa @ Lulu and Sweet Pea said...

Yes yes yes! I hate driving like that guys are awesome for doing 16! We have a 7 hour drive to visit family & we opted to stay home.
Bratzillas are totally MH rip offs! Even Lily knows that & she says they are stupid every time a commercial comes on. Also, have you seen those Novi Stars or something? They look like a cross between a Bratz doll and a freaking alien or something. Weird!
On the Wordpress thing...I don't get it. Sounds like more work to me! I'm good where I'm at :)

Thanks for linking up with me!!!! <3