Sunday, January 27, 2013

This is Forty

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So basically the synopsis of this one is life for Pete & Debbie beyond "Knocked Up" - another Judd Apatow movie. Debbie turns 40 in the movie and is trying to cope with that while Pete is having problems with his business and not wanting to let Debbie know that they are hurting financially.

Let me just preface by saying, I'll pretty much watch anything starring Paul Rudd and/or Leslie Mann. They are both incredibly funny and Judd Apatow's movies are usually pretty funny too.

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Also starring in this movie were Apatow/Mann's two daughters.
I called it for the younger one. She looks so much like Leslie.
The older looks just like her dad!

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Now here's where it gets real. This movie also stars Jason Segel, Megan Fox, and briefly John Lithegow. I really wanted to love this movie. I wouldn't say it was bad, but I wouldn't say I loved it. I would give it 3 stars. I wouldn't buy this movie, but I may watch it if it were on tv. I had 3 main issues. 1) The older daughter character was completely obnoxious, over the top, and needed some damn discipline. Just wow.  2) The father in law (Pete's dad) was awful. Just awful. As a person. He was just not a great guy at all. Deadbeat.  3) The movie had plenty of funny jokes and lines and I even liked Megan Fox for once. However, it got about halfway through and just became depressing. It just seemed like it dragged on forever.


wigget said...

it looks hilarious and true to life

Anonymous said...

I loved "Knocked Up"! I bet this movie will be great! Thanks for the review.

Abbynormal621 said...

I thought it was hilarious! Yes the older sister needed discipline and the father in law was a manipulative mooch but I loved this movie :)

Space Cadet Wolf said...

You can't go wrong with Paul Rudd.

Becky Davis said...

I'm glad I decided to wait until the DVD came out. It sounds like one of those in between being good and a bore.