Sunday, February 10, 2013

9 Reasons Why You Should Be On BlogLovin'

The following post is my opinion. BlogLovin' never contacted me to make a post, nor am I getting compensated for this post in any way...I just want to pass along a great tool that I discovered recently!

I'm going to try to do this in an orderly fashion. I've never done a post like this about a site, but I immediately fell in love with BlogLovin' and had to spread the word. So here are 9 reasons why you should be on BL!

#1: The Navigation Sidebar - you can get to everything you would need from that right there. It's RIGHT THERE!
#2: Mark All As Read Feature. It's easy for me to see what I have read and not read. Once I have scrolled through all the posts, I simply click Mark All As Read and they all turn all opaque shadoweque! They turn opaquey when I click on them to read too.

#3: Like. You can like posts, just like on Facebook. I'd have to admit...even though I despise Facebook, I love being able to like things :)
#4: The Scroll to Top button. Pinterest and 9Gag have me spoiled. Every website should have scroll to top. BlogLovin' knows what I'm talking 'bout :)

#5: Manage Blogs You Follow. Managing blogs is easy and there are groups you could sort your blogs into. I have Books, Food, and Personal. You can move blogs from one to the next or unfollow or change your group's name...all in one spot.

#6: Each Blog's Followers and Similar Blogs. When you go to the sites from your Following page, you see followers and similar blogs. The similar blogs is a super nifty feature.
#7: Latest Posts Feed. I love the actual feed of the posts on the individual pages. You can see if you've missed any recently!

#8: Popular Posts and Top Blogs. You can also find a ton of new blogs with the Popular Posts and Top Blogs functions. You can search by a category and country.
#9: Up and Coming Blogs! You can find blogs that are gaining popularity (followers) on BlogLovin' - my food blog was featured as #2 one day. I think it still may be in the top 20. Isn't that cool?

So now you have nine reasons to get your booty over to BlogLovin' - it is so much easier for me to read through my blogs rather than on my weird Blogger feed or the dreaded Google Reader. I love having categories and a like feature all on one site.

Go check it out...what are you waiting for? Go, go, go!


Chantal said...

I looooove BlogLovin'!

Rekita Nicole said...

this is a great post! it makes me want use bloglovin even more!


My-cliffnotes said...

So cool is there an app for it?

Miss Angie said...

What a great post, I should be more active on my BlogLovin' Account.

Jessica B said...

I really love the similar blogs feature. I have discovered so many wonderful blogs with it!

Madison said...

You know, I signed my blog up for bloglovin but only because everyone else seemed to. I don't use mainly because I've been using Google Reader for years and have no intention of changing it up any time soon. But can I say YAY for someone NOT solely relying on GFC to follow blogs? I think that's awesome. :D

Bri said...

I need to do this I guess since GFC is about to be non existent.