Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crazy Cat Lady

If you are new to my blog or don't know me well, I am a crazy cat lady. I had always thought of myself as more a dog person and then we got cats of our own. Actually...I think I was always a cat lady, but my inner crazy didn't come out until we got our own cats. I just want a million of them now.

Bella is my kitty. She loves to sit on me when I read. She's queen of the house and knows it.

A typical morning...Bella saw me reading...Muffin (Nick's cat who thinks she's a dog) saw I had food.

I have a crazy cat lady board on Pinterest...and today is going to be all about Miss Grumpy Cat.
Did you know that Grumpy Cat is a girl? I've been correcting people left and right. Her name is Tardar, but her owners lovingly refer to her as Tard. She has some form of dwarfism. Please squeal at how little she is:

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

My husband thinks she's so ugly...I love her. I want my own Grumpy Cat. Her face is so precious!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
I think we can all agree this is awesome.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


SeattleSarahSpeaks said...

I LOVE that last photo about not caring about the stick figure family. I hate when people have those stick figures on their car!! Grumpy cat fits perfectly haha.

Chantal said...

I don't like cats, but I love grumpy cat!

Lauren said...

I love cats too.. I'm am the exact definition of a crazy cat lady... so much that I get offended when people call my cat a cat(lol). He is a furboy, lol. Your cats are beautiful and I absolutely love Tardar... she is soo sweet. I love grumpy cats :P

Beth W said...

Tardar Sauce is such a cutie! It's a genetic deformity that's made her face squishy- have you seen her brother? He's also adorable, but without the expression. And I'm in the same boat- a dog person who lucked out in getting (via the boyfriend) a cat with personality...and now I'm a crazy cat/dog lady. Yay! :)

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

bella is so cute! i used to have a cat named bella :)

shel young said...

Hi from your newest follower

stopping by the GYB blog hop!

I'm the same with cats, I was 27 before I got one (we'd had dogs growing up) but I definitely would not be without one now! I want loads more but my husband won't let me :)

Yours are just adorable :)

Shel @ Sweet Petite