Monday, February 25, 2013

TPP Most Clicked...and a weekend update!

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 What's going on...

We got a new couch! The blue one is my mom-in-law's and we will be giving it back eventually. We got this pos used tan couch a few years ago and didn't really think of quality or anything when we got it. Most uncomfortable couch EVER. This red couch (plus the coffee table and end tables) was a steal and it's very great quality. We're really impressed and really happy. We just need to get the old furniture that is taking up the rest of our living room...OUT.

Treated the kiddos to BK Lounge on Friday...and noticed Prixie has fangs :)

On Saturday, I took Matthew to his first birthday party at the skating rink. He had so much fun.

All day Sunday, I spent catching up on emails and scheduling out posts. I was so behind!
My kitties kept me company...pretty Bella.

 and sweet little Muffin. She's sleeping on my blog calendar.

Are you hungry?
Well, prepare to be - time to share what I posted on Fantastical this week.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

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Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
How did your weekend go?


amber.m said...

Oh my gosh, Finnie's first bday party was at a skating rink!!

Nicole said...

Yay for new furniture! The couch looks very nice. I always go on a decorating spree when I get new furniture. All the sudden the curtains don't quite fit and the candleholder needs replaced. LOL. Just an excuse to change things up a bit!