Thursday, March 14, 2013

Things I Don't Love Thursday

{Hosted by Lulu & Sweet Pea}

Raisin to Everything Else Ratio in Trail Mix.
I keep forgetting to make my own batch because every single time I get the traditional ole trail's ALL raisins. I want a couple raisins in there, sure...but I don't want straight up be eating a bowl of raisins. Grr.  

Source: Uploaded by user via Texas Fit Chicks on Pinterest

Nothing about the Xbox is appealing to me. #1: why is it so big? There is no reason for it being that big. Have you seen the PS2 slim? The Wii? What the hell is Xbox's problem? Stop being a fat ass! #2: why is the power brick literally a brick? It gets so hot - I'm seriously terrified that it'll start a housefire, no matter how irrational that thought is. #3: why do I have to pay to use Netflix on it? I hooked up Netflix on the Wii without paying a cent (I mean other than the monthly Netflix charge)...I'm not paying something else on top of Netflix to watch it using the Xbox. Bullcrap-o!

Social Media.
I literally cannot keep up with social media anymore. There's all this stuff now and I'm like "Heh?" Everyone has Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, BlogLovin', HelloCotton, etc. and then there are sites like Hootsuite, bitly, and Pingraphy. Can we just make one giant site to encompass it all? I feel like I'm drowning in things to check each day!
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The Pink Growl said...

If I am behind on social media for the weekend I feel like I've missed SO MUCH! It can be overwhelming!

Tyler said...

Totally agree with social media! My twitter and Pinterest get the most attention from me.. that's about all I can keep up with :P

Lulu and Sweet Pea said...

I so agree! OK we have the newer xbox 360 because we had already HAD an xbox & didn't want to start over game-wise or whatever. Our wii broke :( I hate how you have to have Xbox Live Gold to do anything online w/ it. We have Netflix & HBOgo which we could be using on the xbox, but I'm not paying for xbox live gold when no one even does online gaming in my house! We would ONLY use it to watch movies & stuff. Lame!

And social media is driving me crazy. I've been neglecting it, but every time I go on there trying to catch up I get annoyed with people and remember why I don't get on there that often.

Ticsblog75 said...

Gaming...ugh, I'm still not up on it all. My teen boys have 4 different systems. They mostly use them to stat fit, and in touch with family and friends.
I'm your newest follower via GFC . Please stop by and check out my blog. I'm still new, but trying to get my name out there.