Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things I Don't Love Thursday

{Hosted by Lulu & Sweet Pea}

The non-food blogging community.
It seems like the food blogging community is super supportive. It makes me happy to be a part of it. Everyone has everyone else's back and there is so much sharing of each other's posts. If someone steals a picture, you have a bunch of people sticking up for you. If you need help or advice, there are some big bloggers who are full of knowledge and often give it willingly for free, even though they could hold back and charge out the wazoo for it. The NON-food bloggers...(this is generalized, of course) seem to be a big bunch of whiners and bitchers. There is so much drama. It's weird to think that I could be a part of both of the communities, however, I usually don't try and claim to be a part of the one full of drama. can't do anything nice for someone else without having an ulterior motive...there are people creating fake profiles to promote their own blogs...there are people complaining left and right about someone else's success. It is a huge turn off. So I will just stick to the people who make and love food. Way cooler.

Predeployment Jitters.
I've had my second bout of crying for no reason last week...and now I feel like a ticking time bomb. When am I going to cry again out of the blue? Where am I gonna be? What's gonna set me off? UGH. The day before block leave started...I was sitting at my computer minding my own business and then boom. Waterworks. Cried and cried for a good half an hour. I hate being an emotional wreck. Stupid deployment. I think mostly my emotions are going crazy because even though I have been through it twice and know what to's still a super emotional experience. It's a really DIFFICULT experience and even if I act like I'm strong, there are still moments where my sub-conscious catches up with me.

Why yes, I would love half my hair to fall out and land all over anything that I pass by. Sounds awesome.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of posting. I was sick for what felt like forever and then was feeling really overwhelmed, but not really too much so that I felt like blogging each day. I'm leaving tonight for Knoxville for some predeployment time with family, so I'll probably be a little MIA for the next week or so.
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Lulu and Sweet Pea said...

I've been so annoyed & put off by certain bloggers lately that I've barely been on twitter & I haven't been reading other blogs much either. It's really discouraging & pisses me off how mean/rude they can be, and how they gang up & hurt each other when one says something the others don't like.

Hope you have some good family time before deployment! And finally get over being sick :(

Tawnys Tid Bits said...

Obviously you know I'm a newbie blogger and I already see the drama. It's like another world... quite crazy.

My husband was gone for 3 years (came home for a few weeks every 4-6 months) working in that hell hole over there. He finally decided to come home Jan 2013, so it's been good! But I know how you feel with the deployment. You already know how it works and what to do to keep your mind off things. :)

And Knoxville!!! Have fun! Been there a few times! :)

Suzzie V said...

haha I agree with you on blog culture. some people are just over promoters and its so silly. but it's really cool when you see bloggers giving of their time and being really supportive. my thoughts and prayers are with your family. I can't even imagine how hard deployment must be.

Nicole said...

Deployment is a crazy thing. Just go with the flow. Cry if you gotta. And don't question yourself when you can't but think you should! It took me 30 days after he left to cry. I thought something was wrong with me. Enjoy your time together and know there is so much support in the blog world!