Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Double Dating.

While in Knoxville, we finally got around to going on a double date with my husband's little brother, Zack, and his new wife, Casey. We've literally been trying to double date for so long and we always put it off and then we're too busy or leave town. I looked up some restaurants in Knoxville last Christmas and Dead End BBQ was one of the restaurants I really wanted to go to. Zack & Casey had both been and said it was the bomb.

So when Zack got a weekend pass to come up to Knoxville from AIT, we made that double date happen and went to Dead End.

They have an awesome menu - and it was hard to pick just what exactly we wanted to eat. We got a BBQ Nachos appetizer - it was queso + pulled beef + a drizzle of their BBQ sauce. It was also super delicious. They served it up with corn chips.

I ordered the Brick Top Chicken sandwich - and holy baloney! It was grilled chicken that had dry rub on it and it was topped with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, and tomato with chipotle mayonnaise on sourdough bread. It was so so good! I also tried one of their BBQ sauces that they have at the table. It wasn't the spicy one, but the one in the middle and it was amazing.

And Casey got a picture of us :) This rarely happens, so I was pretty excited!

I got a picture of them with her camera, but obviously she has it and I don't - so here's the two newlyweds at Christmas with their puppy, Daisy :) I love this picture. Zack is baby-talking to Daisy while Casey is kissing her. SO CUTE!

It was a really great date - I think our first double date since we got married - and Dead End BBQ gets two thumbs up from me. We cannot wait to go again.

hoo hoo!

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Caravan Sonnet said...

How is it that I live in Knoxville and have never tried Dead End BBQ?? It is going on my list to try!
:) Rebecca