Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter 2013

This year we were fortunate enough to be in Knoxville on Easter - and although it's not really a big holiday for us [Nick and I are athiests], the kids LOVE Easter and any holiday with the family is rare and we will take whatever holiday we can get.

My mom-in-law had just gotten 6 chicks the week before we got down there and my sis-in-law, Emma, got a bunny the day we got there. Cami is a total animal freak. She had to say good morning to each chick and give them a kiss on the head...and then say goodnight to each of them each night. She loved Emma's bunny, Gus.

The kids got lots of candy and some goodies from the easter bunny.

We also got lucky and were able to see both of Nick's aunts who were going back to Ohio from Florida. Aunt Debbie snapped this pic of the kiddos.

Grandpa [Nick's dad] and his fiancee Maggie also came up on Easter - and my mom and brother came over too, so there was a full house. All the adults helped hide eggs for the hunt...we had to do it indoors because it was raining or it had been raining...I can't remember.

Matthew was a complete speed demon! He was grabbing eggs while he was nearly running down the stairs. All-in-all they got lots of candy and had a great Easter.

Checking out their goodies :)

hoo hoo!

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Heather Fox said...

Yay! I finally found someone else who doesn't like Easter. We totally celebrate the Easter bunny though! Ha ha needless to say we stick out ALOT in the South.

Glad the kids had a good time, and you all got to visit family!