Monday, April 8, 2013

Life Happenings & Tummy Grumblings

Friday night we made the drive home from Knoxville. It's the first time I've drove the whole way with Nick in the car with me. He wanted to sleep, I wanted to drive - it worked out well. I slept most of the day Saturday after getting home at 8am and Sunday we tried to get back into a regular schedule. I'm hoping to get this schedule stuff down now and get on a really good one. I think I do better when Nick is deployed because I don't have to look forward to him getting home and after the kids go to bed, I have nothing to do. LOL. We're getting down to the last few weeks before he leaves, so I want to get stuff done while he's at work and then be able to spend a ton of time with him otherwise.

Here's some more pics from Knoxville. I'm going to make separate posts for our two dates, Easter, and our family picture day :)

I love waking up at my in law's! My mom-in-law is always leaving us notes and fresh coffee in the am before she heads to work :) It's seriously the best. She's the most awesome person ever.

There are always tons of animals at their house. She has 2 pigs, a cat, a dog, and now 6 chicks that are fast on their way to becoming chickens that will lay eggs. My sis-in-law [Emma] who is at home just got a bunny. And my other sis-in-law [Kat] who lives down the road from them just got this sweetie pie, Kilo. He is the sweetest pup - they got him from a really bad situation, but he is a great dog despite being neglected and malnourished. He was really sweet and gentle with the kids.

A typical night - cuddled up on the couch with Emma, husband, and bro-in-law's [Zack] dog Daisy.

Cami got to try on some of Kat's old ballet outfits. She was so excited about it.
Kat instagrammed a pic of Cami up against a pic of her in the same outfit. And Auntie Leenie showed Cami tons of ballet moves :)

The piggies. I swear Gunther (black one) gets bigger each time we see him. Mom said that all the neighbors stop by and feed them all the time, so both Gunther and Faith are a little bigger than they should be.

Tut! The special, cross-eyed kitty who kept me company while I missed my kitties.

And now for some tummy grumblings - just click the picture to go to the recipe!

Hope y'all had a great week last week!

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amber.m said...

The pics of cami in the ballet outfits are so stinkin' cute!

The Pink Growl said...

that grilled cheese...yummm! YAY for being in Knoxville this gorgeous weekend too! :)