Sunday, April 7, 2013

Shows I Gave Up On

Once Upon a Time
I loved the first season. It was amazing.
I watched about 2 or 3 of season two and just couldn't take it anymore.
The drama was over the top. The story was so muddled up in crap...ugh. I kept trying to hope that it would get better and I really really like Rumpelstiltskin, but nope. Had to let it go.

I watched this one up until the mid-season break. I'm not sure I was ever really fully into it.
I love the soundtrack. LOVE it. Love Deacon....and that's about it. It wasn't the best storyline.

Switched at Birth
And ABC Family murdered another series for me. The drama of Once is one thing, but this show is supposed to be a "real life" show and it has entirely too much drama. The acting starting getting annoying. I couldn't stand any of the characters whatsoever.

What shows have you given up on? Are there any shaky ones?

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amber.m said...

We sat down and tried to watch once upon a time and just couldn't. we did episode 1 & 2 and just couldn't. But we tried cuz YOU said it was so good :p

Lulu and Sweet Pea said...

I watched the first couple of episodes of Once Upon a Time (hoping it would replace Desperate Housewives probably since it took the same time slot) but I couldn't get into it! I really don't watch a lot of shows anymore and I kinda love it! GOT, Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy...those are the only ones I really "follow" anymore. The rest I'll watch if I'm really bored, but lately I just don't have time or the patience w/ ridiculous shows