Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Deployment Tales: Bucket List

It's bucket list time:
  • Brew a successful porter [or three]
  • Work out 4x a week
  • Decorate and organize the whole house - 1 room at a time
  • Have a kick ass yard/garden this summer
  • Send Nick a package each month
  • Celebrate one more month gone with a cake
  • Work on my education [a Bachelor's hopefully]
  • Explore the area with friends
  • Learn how to do my hair in a new way
  • Learn how to do makeup properly
  • Be a good friend
  • Be a good daughter/sister[in law] - talk to everyone once a week at least
  • Be a good FRG leader and army wife role model
To expand on all of these a little....

We decided that I could handle brewing a batch of beer about a month and a half out from Nick coming home, so he could have beer to drink. At first, it was just going to be his honey wheat ale, but then Nick said I should come up with my own recipe. While in Knoxville on a date night, we tried a delicious ruby porter and that inspired me to want to brew my own porter. I ordered everything I needed in the first week of May for my first batch. I decided I wanted to make a few porters and see which I liked best. :)

Exercise has always been a very back burner part of my life. I love to exercise, but not adult exercise. I want to play sports and run around like a kid. However, I decided to try out the elliptical at our community center and I fell in love. I listen to an audio book while I'm on it and Cami (and sometimes Matt) play in the indoor playground which is only separated by the gym by a window. Eventually I will be adding in weights and abs.

I'm going to have to write more about decorating, yard/garden, the cakes, the care packages, Bachelor's, and exploring NY in separate posts as I go. :)

Learn how to do hair/makeup - because I suck at being a girl and Pinterest inspires me to want to figure out how to make myself feel pretty!

The last three are just a combined effort to really put myself out there. I'm such a shy person and I've made many great friends lately with being involved in the FRG. Especially at the battalion level - many of the officers' wives are just amazing and friendly. But I definitely want to reach out to everyone that I love and make sure they know just how important they are in my life. You never know when something may happen, right?!


Also...even though he'd probably never see it...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HONEYBEAR!! <3 p="">

hoo hoo!

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