Monday, May 6, 2013

Life Happenings & Tummy Grumblings

Another week come and gone - this one was hectic! I had a coffee date at the battalion commander's house with his wife and the other FRG leaders on Monday. Tuesday, I had a coffee date with our company's FRG which didn't get a lot of turn out - and then we had call outs to all of the spouses and family members - and then I had a OPSEC class from what I thought was 2 to 3, but it was actually 1 to 3. Whoops. Thursday, the battalion had a steering meeting that was at 11:30 originally, but I guess got pushed back to 1 and I wasn't aware of the change, so I was a good hour and a half early.

This week is going to be another busy one, but let me share some pictures from last one! ;)

Nick has called the past two Saturdays to talk to us.
This was the first Saturday (first time he's called) and Matt talking to him!

The Chocolate Shoppe has the best carrot cake muffins and iced coffee!

Oh my gawsh! And our desktop computer got here this week. We decided that we needed to get a stationary family computer and I wanted to get it ASAP because without a smart phone, if my laptop (that is 4 years old and falling apart mechanically) craps out during the deployment...I'm shit out of luck. We went with HP because HP has been nothing short of amazing for us. I've gotten used to Windows 8 already - and it's not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. Oh and the desktop is customized and freaking SWEET! :) And Muffin loved the boxes!

The kids Gangnam-ing in the drop off line for school.

It finally warmed up and it's been sunny all week.
There's something about sunshine and 70s and the leaves on the trees finally appearing that makes it so much easier to get out of bed in the morning

Little Miss in my new sunglasses. :)

This poster in the post office has always cracked me up: "The wrong time for a toothache // Dental Readiness is YOUR responsibility." I'm sorry, but if a toothache is that probably shouldn't be a soldier. LOL

Oh hai kitty, why do you have to steal toilet paper rolls and shred them??

Here's my weekly you can see...lots of stuff to get done.

And in all the mess of the busy-ness of the week, I found time to go exercise. This is a huge step for me because usually I'd just make an excuse and not go. I'm trying to see if I can get to 1 mile in 20 minutes on the elliptical and I'm getting close. I've been adding incline and resistance each day too. I honestly really love the elliptical - and I'm doing pretty well with going to the gym.

My husband is a clean-as-you-go type person in the kitchen. I am not.
See Exhibit A:

So now that burnt bacon isn't the most appetizing, but I have a few things from my food blog that will make your tummy growl! [Click the picture to get the recipe]

Have a great week y'all!

hoo hoo!

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