Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Drive a Dodge Stratus!!

When I discovered Saturday Night Live, I fell in was back in the early 2000s. I went on and off watching it for years and recently started watching weekly again...and then I remembered that Netflix had it.

I watched a few from the first few seasons...and then some in the 80s. Then I went ham on the 90s. I'm just now hit the last season of the 90s and am patiently awaiting Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to join the cast...even though Tina Fey is a writer and shows up in the monologue audience sometimes.

I've been pinning SNL like mad, you can see on my Movies & TV board...

Some of my favorite sketches/characters in the 90s:
  • The Gap - Adam Sandler/David Spade/Chris Farley
  • Coffee Talk - Mike Meyers
  • Stuart Smalley - Al Franken
  • Matt the Motivational Speaker - Chris Farley
  • Operaman or any of Adam Sandler's weekend update singing
  • Any time John Goodman is on - hosting OR playing Linda Tripp
  • Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton - dead on and hilarious!
  • Norm MacDonald as weekend update host
  • Mr. Peepers - Chris Kattan
  • Pretty much any Cheri Oteri or Molly Shannon skit. They have some damn amazing characters and are so talented.
  • Will Ferrell as Harry Carry.
What I find absolutely stunning is that the news stories from 20 years ago are almost dead on to the exact same things that are happening nowadays. Even more frightening is that there are a lot of the same names in the news then and now. Even though it's humorous, it's highly accurate and I wish people would wake yeah. lol
Anyone else a fan of old SNL?
Who's your favorite cast member(s)? 

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