Monday, June 10, 2013

Life Happenings & Tummy Grumblings and #SunnySummerSwap Reveal

It is reveal day and since I'm so lazy, it's vlog time. Please excuse any weirdness - I attempted more times than I could count and the good take I got the first time was surpassed in goodness by my creepy not knowing where to look at with this new computer/webcam, so I did another take and this is as good as it's gonna get :P Also I never know what to say at the end. haha.
My swap partner was Morgan of Curves and a Camera :)

After watching the Red Wedding (GOT S3E9), I needed something to take my mind off my devastation. My husband already has spoiled many of what he has read in the 5 books out, but it doesn't take away from actually seeing it happen. If you haven't watched the tv show or read the books. DO IT. I finished Clash (Book 2) and I need to start Dance With Dragons already.

 Tuesday was our first Run 4 Resilience day - combining mental fitness with physical. Some people ran, but Cami and I (along with some other ladies with kiddos) walked the 2 miles on the trail. It was a gorgeous day. I'm looking forward to more of these to come!

Every time I leave now, Muffin gets clingy. I'll be glad when Nick gets home because she usually isn't so clingy with me and she kills my allergies. But she's sweet. Look at that face.

I've been driving this babealicious vehicle around lately while my car has been in the shop (with electrical/wire issue, front brake pads being replaced, a wheel bearing being replaced, and an oil change being done). This is my husband's whore, Natalya. She has a V8 and is mad cooler than my Prixie. I may or may not be super jealous that it's not my car. I had to wash all the damn pollen off Natalya and she's already covered again. :/ Dear NY, it's not spring any more...knock it off!

This is how I know we have an issue. This is our little storage on the side of the garage. That whole second row of stuff is all car stuff...the top has a bunch of car stuff too.

Wednesday was Matthew's first appt to see the pediatric dentist for his new onslaught of cavities. He's gonna end up having to get 2 silver ones, but the dentist is booked solid until November. The kids enjoyed the new office - and played tic tac toe together :)

I bottled my Zulnut brew on Weds too. 51 bottles are gonna be ready in 3 weeks! I tasted some of the extra brew and it's not the best right now, but the aftertaste is PERFECTION. Nick's first brew didn't taste great at bottling either, but was one of the best beers we've ever had after those 3 weeks. So no judging until it's ready! :)

I'm trying to get in the habit of taking more pictures of myself. I have had a lot of issues with zits and eczema and it's made me super self-conscious of my skin. I also realized that when Nick does get home, I need to get in the habit of taking tons of pictures of just the two of us!

My baby had a Kindergarten celebration on Friday. He's such a little sweetheart. He breaks my heart. I was already pretty emotional - partly from being so proud of him and partly because I wish Nick could've been there. After the celebration, we got to pick him up from the risers and take him home early. He immediately started crying. I didn't push him to ask why because I knew exactly why. There were tons of dads there in uniform and I know he was sad that his daddy couldn't be there :( He's such a sensitive little guy and I hate seeing him hurt. You can tell he's straining a smile.

Later that day, he got some Peanut therapy when we went to visit our friend Jamie at her house :)
Peanut is seriously the sweetest dog ever. He curled up with the kids as carefully as he could.


It was Sandwich Week on Fantastical. Here's what I posted:

hoo hoo!

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