Monday, June 24, 2013

Life Happenings & Tummy Grumblings

This week has been a very interesting and full week, but now that school is finally out - it's gonna be so much calmer. Is it bad that I just want to sleep it off?

For some reason, wasps are in love with my car and this makes for a horrible, horrible time when we sit in the car for about 5 minutes prior to picking up Matthew at school.

These things are the most amazing snack food in the whole entire world.
I downed this bag in no time flat. Om nom nom. I can't remember where I found them though :(

I cleaned my kitchen and swapped my baking stuff with my cooking stuff.

Tuesday, I ended up going to the er (because we don't have an urgent care on post and the furlough has effected the clinic on post tremendously). My eczema on my face has opened me up to getting staph infection since I am a carrier of the MRSA strain. So yay for that. It's right above my eyebrow and my browbone was swollen onto my eyelid. It was quite annoying.

So now I'm taking 6 pills (two different antibiotics a day) in addition to my allergy pill.
I feel like an old person. lol I have to keep track on my dry erase board.

I was in pain and took some Advil. I laid down to read some and both cats laid on me.
Bella on my ribs and Muffin on my legs.

Wednesday was Matthew's field day and Cami & I were invited to come hang out. Mrs. Phillips let Cami participate in all the events which worked out perfectly because it gave Matthew's class an even 18 kiddos. Matt and Cami are there in the middle in the grey shirts. Holding Hands. AW.

I read Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza this week and I loved the design under the dust cover!

Thursday, I was able to snap a picture of Mrs. Phillips and Matthew. She's such an amazing teacher and we are crossing our fingers that Cami gets her in the fall :)

Matthew on the last day of school. Powering up and then showing me his super ripped jeans that did not look like that prior to him leaving for school. He wasn't hard on his jeans until he came out of his shell. Crazy boy.

I got the cats a different tree that's a little more stable. I think it's a winner :)

Now for the food!
Click the picture for the recipe.

Have a great week!!

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