Friday, June 28, 2013

Nail Files #78

In April, Zoya had an Earth Day polish exchange. There was a huge discount and all you had to do was send back the same amount of polishes that weren't 5-free to Zoya. I chose 6 polishes (the first on the left and 2nd from the right are the same - I got one for my swap partner). I previously have purchased 3 and I love Zoya. They are affordable, great polishes. All of them have gone on smoothly. The formula for every last one has been just perfection. They chip as much as OPI does, which isn't that bad, but not quite up there with Essie & Wet 'n Wild for me.

Ignore my horrible lighting here. I'm not even sure what was up...but'll see more of these colors in the upcoming weeks.
L to R: Renee, Robyn, Heidi, Sooki, Wednesday, Renee (again), and Neely.

In Bella's window...but she cast a good shadow for the polishes :P

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