Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stop! Pinning Time

One of my least favorite parts of summer is the bugs. My house always gets gnats, spiders, beetles, and ants galore. The spiders and beetles don't bother me as much because there is nothing that I can do to keep them out (they aren't coming for human food like the others). I woke up one morning and found ants swarming a piece of root beer pulled pork that had fallen on the ground that I missed.

I didn't want to get those little white ant traps because now that I have two cats, I want something that is safer for them to be around. I found this pin on Pinterest...

From what I've researched, borax can be harmful if inhaled constantly, so I felt a little better using it. I used a tablespoon plus apricot preserves and put them on some old pasta jar lids. My cats didn't mess with it whatsoever and the ants were gone within an hour and two and didn't come back. I was seriously amazed.

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