Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things I Don't Love Thursday

Staph infections.
I know this is probably completely gross, but it's my biggest Things I Don't Love right now. When Matthew was little, he had a 2, almost 3, year span where he got staph infections every 6 weeks or so because with eczema, your skin is constantly open and exposed to bacteria. It's not like you can wrap your full body up in a bandage. The best I could do was try to prevent it. Thankfully he only needed antibiotics a couple times - the other times we caught it before it abscessed. So staph is nothing new to the family. All of us have had it. But in the last few years, it's definitely significantly NOT happened. 

And then I got one :/ My face is broke out in eczema and I scratch it constantly, no matter how much cream, lotion, and/or aloe I use. I feel so bad for Matthew who has had this his whole life. It's very peculiar though, I can watch both of our faces get worse at the same time and flare up - and then they both start to get better at the same time too. Yay pollen and allergens! Anyways, last week I noticed I had a staph infection and tried to take care of it myself first. I know the drill - warm compresses, Mupirocin and a band-aid. Except that it wasn't really draining, my browbone area was swelling and pushing on my eyelid, and it became very painful. I took myself to the local hospital - they didn't lance it (thankfully it wasn't that bad), but I did get put on two different antibiotics and I'm almost done with them. I talked to my pharmacist and he told me that I could take Benadryl at night with me taking my allergy medicine in the morning. So I'm hoping this will prevent me from scratching my face in the night.

There's my huge DON'T LIKE for the week :) Sorry again for the grossness.

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