Monday, July 29, 2013

Life Happenings & Tummy Grumblings

Things have been a little hectic this stepdad ended up in the hospital. He has a slew of health problems (including having survived colon cancer and a stroke due to massive blood loss, plus chronic bronchitis and stomach ulcers) and was admitted with a blood sugar level of 920. If y'all are aware of blood sugar levels, that is insanity. A normal blood sugar level is around 100. The nurses were surprised he was still alive (and that's not the first time he's heard it). Thankfully, it was just an overnight stay and he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He was released after some dietary "counseling" and getting a bunch of information on diabetes. I've been talking to my mom and trying to help her with a switch in diet that's a little less carb heavy and more fresh foods (without sacrificing flavor and good eats!).

The weather is cooling down - summer is definitely fading fast :( But we've had some gorgeous sunsets lately since it's not really raining every single dang day.

Recently, the civilian company that does housing here at Drum got rid of all the "shared" landscaping. Basically, the garden I planted is gone, plus all the gorgeous hostas and brick decorations. You can see a before shot of my front yard before this disaster: here. I saved the stargazer lilies that literally JUST bloomed yesterday (I'll have to get pictures this week) and one of my other bulb plants. My veggies are also sucking. It's starting to cool down and I haven't gotten ONE tomato or pepper. It's just depressing that the one year I was able to garden, it didn't work out for me.

 The second half of the week was full of this cute doggie, Peanut. He is our friend's German Shep and he is the biggest sweetheart ever. She had a long work day on Thursday and she went to visit her sister-in-law for the weekend. This picture was Thursday when we went to go check out him and let him go potty. We played tug 'o war a little bit and the kids ran around with him.

Friday, Peanut came over and hung out here while his momma went on her trip :)
Here he is eating a treat, while Muffin looks on. She was NOT happy.

 Bella is much more tolerant and brave, but this picture still cracks me up.
She looks so angry, but she came up to him and let him come up to her and sniff her plenty of times while he was here. Muffin freaked and would spit & hiss any time he got near her.

 Probably one of my favorite things about Peanut is that he is so incredible with Matthew & Cami. He is so gentle (despite his size) and he loves them. When they went downstairs to play, he would whine for a minute or two at the top of the stairs and then lay down there until they came back upstairs. :)

A little Fantastical love...
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hoo hoo!

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