Saturday, July 6, 2013

See How My Garden Grows

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world to do is gardening! As a child, I grew up surrounded by farms and I helped plant our family garden in town and my grandparents' garden in their backyard. Each Mother's Day, my grandma, mom, and I would plant flowers all day long. I've attempted to garden in New York a few times, but not with very much success. One year when we had our black lab, Oreo, she ate my strawberries as soon as they were ripe. More years than I can count, my neighbors' kids destroyed my plants. A few years, I didn't get to keep up with them because in July we left for 2 weeks to go to Tennessee.

This year, I'm not going anywhere this summer and we don't have Oreo and our old neighbors moved away late last summer - so I was so excited to garden this year.

However, I waited way too long to plant seeds and so I waited out all the cold/frost and just got already sprouted/bloomed plants. I got quite a few flowers. And a few herbs, pepper plants, and a tomato plant.

Oh! and a rose bush although it's dying really quickly. Bugs have been eating the leaves.
I wish my mom lived closer because she is the rose queen!

The orange sunstars are completely dead now.
I think they are an early bloom and then don't bloom again.

The last few years, the stargazer lilies have been destroyed and it makes me so mad. They were here when we got here and they are my absolute favorite. So I'm happy to see them sprouting and alive this year. I was in awe of the middle plant - called Lupine - they are a neat addition to the garden and will go perfect with the pink lilies :)

I'll have to update once my peppers and tomatoes come in.
They have flowered and just started to peek out, but not yet ready :)

Do you garden? How's yours going this year?

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