Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Deployment Tales: A Cake a Month

Last deployment, we did a kiss jar and the kids ate a kiss a day for the whole 12-month deployment. With Matthew having 8 cavities, I really didn't think this was a good idea this time around. Plus it was horrible to have to count out 730 Hershey kisses. I thought it'd be fun to do a cake/cupcakes for each month's anniversary.

I have way more cake recipes saved than I should and not enough occasions to make them. So I let the kids pick from my cakes and cupcakes boards for what cakes we'd be having over the next few months. For May, we had Pina Colada Cupcakes.

For June, we had Better Than Oreo Poke Cake and To Die For Carrot Cake for July.

I'll be sharing some more after another few months - it's seriously the best idea I've ever come up with :) If I say so myself - lol

hoo hoo!

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