Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Deployment Tales: The Deployment Wall

Back in February, Nick and I attended a Brigade level FRG Symposium. An organization called Parent-to-Parent came and talked to us about ways to support our military kids during deployment. One of the things they talked about was a bulletin board - I absolutely loved this idea. I am a scatter brain, so I use it, but also the kids get so excited to talk to Daddy that they forget everything they want to say to him. We also have a count up in days on there too. :)

The next part that I love is the clock set to HIS time - I saw this on Pinterest (but cannot find the pin - not sure if I even pinned it). My mom-in-law did 3 clocks for each of the boys (my husband's adopted brother is a veteran doing contracting overseas and his biobrother is fresh out of AIT). It's fun to be able to tell what time it is exactly for Nick.

I wanted to do a world map because my kids are very visual and love looking on Google Maps to see where Nick is. I mapped out his flight over (just circling the whole country since I didn't know the precise location, plus no dates/times - so no OPSEC violations here!). I try not to take it for granted that even through this rough time, my kids are getting to know more than most would about the world. I don't think many 5 and 6 year olds outside the military life can point out Afghanistan on the map.
Deployment Wall - bulletin board, world map, and a clock set to service member's time #military #army #deployment

And, of course, a little touch of Nick - I added a picture of him and the kids. Since then, we've drawn a mustache on Nick, a witch hat on Cami, and a full beard on Matthew :)

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