Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Life Happenings & Tummy Grumblings

Our last week has been pretty uneventful. The only thing we really had going on was our Run 4 Resilience on Wednesday. This was the last one for the kids since they will be in school for the last two. We walked 4 miles in the rain and wind.

I snapped this picture of the kids when we were listening to SSG Boyle speak on self-awareness. They are just too cute sometimes.

 The weather.
 We stopped by Black River and picked some flowers too.

 Sometimes I find the kids just upside down or doing weird things while laying their DS's, but normally they are together. They are best buds.

Muffin has taken to the red couch. She loves sitting on top of the cushions.

I'm obsessed with mixing bright colors with patterns right now.

I've snapped them like this 3 years in a row now. :) Our mailbox is down the block from our house.

Cami was rocking her new LUV Dream flats at the library yesterday. She's wearing her pink ones in the picture above (far right). They are so comfortable! I have 6 pairs myself. I have a code on my sidebar for 20% off :) Use it!!

I put my key fob in my back pocket and grabbed our garbage & recycling cans from the road. I pulled my key fob out of my pocket to lock my car and pulled out only my keys. Somehow my buns of steel busted up my key fob :/

On the food blog:
Click the picture to get the recipe..

Plus I did a post of new recipes I've tried from my Food Network magazines: here.

Have a great week!

hoo hoo!

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