Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Love of Learning

Today's blog post is going to be a semi-short, but rambly post.

I'm embarking on my next move as an adult - earning a bachelor's degree.

I've never been able to really pinpoint what I want to be when I grow up :P I finally have settled on teaching elementary school. I already completed all my general studies with my associate's and the college I'm attending has a really awesome "plan your own degree" thing. I actually have a class that will help with that in my first semester.

I decided upon teaching because growing up amongst all the different things I wanted to be when I grew up, teaching was a constant. I love school. I still love school. If I could go to school every single day, I totally would. Another selling point is that I really love my kids and I love being a mom. I would love to pop out more kids, but that's not really a financially sound decision for our family right now and it probably won't be down the road either. Being a teacher gets me to constantly be around kids...which I'm sure isn't everyone's most favorite thing.

I'm kind of nervous though. We're coming up on a year left in the army and my bachelor's degree program doesn't cover student teaching (in New York, you have to have a Master's degree to teach, so it's offered with the Master's at my college). I'm thinking I'll end up with having to take a year or two more once I'm in Tennessee. My "homework" for the summer was to research different teaching degree paths for other universities to help me create my own.

I've also tried to research exactly what my process is, but I get a bit overwhelmed. From what I gather in Tennessee, there are exams I need to pass to get my licensure? I don't know.

So if any of you are teachers or are going to school for the same thing, I'd love any bit of knowledge you can throw my way. Whether it's what courses you are taking or your process upon completing your degree. :)

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