Monday, September 30, 2013

Life Happenings & Tummy Grumblings

I've been slacking on my Monday posts lately. Monday is not my friend. The last two weeks have been busy and a bit hectic. I've had a sick daughter, I got sick, a battalion get-together to pack care packages, lost teeth, a found kitten, a battalion brunch with the FRG leaders, messed up internet, a broken garage (that still isn't fixed) - it won't open, and a trip to the local emergency room since they got rid our urgent care on post.

She made it two weeks without getting sick. Thankfully there was no throwing up involved. Just a little bit of a cold - coughing and runny nose. She was good to go the next day.

So both kids lost their 3rd tooth. Cami lost hers first even though she's younger
and Matthew lost his within the next 12 hours.

 The deer (and turkey) are out now. We had 3 behind our house.

 The kiddos before school. I can't believe how big they look *sniffle*

It's rare to see actual outdoor cats on post. I certainly wouldn't let my cats go outside around here. We live right by a curve that people love to take way too fast. When I saw this kitten, I assumed it was a lost kitten and called to her. She came right up to me and I took her inside. She was very sweet and I started looking around on Craigslist to see if anyone had posted anything. Around the time I had to leave to get the kids, I realized that it may be our neighbors' (in the duplex next to ours) cat. The kids had seen their cat, so I asked them and sure enough, it was their cat. I feel bad for snatching up someone else's cat, but at the same time, it's better to have done that and it ended up being someone's cat they let outdoors than have not done it and it end up being a lost kitten.

We hit our 5 month mark in the deployment and celebrated with caramel frappuccino cupcakes.

 I had a cystic pimple above my eyebrow turn into a staph infection and it made my eyelid swollen to the point where it was almost swollen shut. Thursday night, I kept waking up because it was so painful. So Friday morning after I dropped off the kids, I went to the doctor. I got a shot of local anesthesia and my first experience with getting one lanced. I am so sick of staph at this point, but the face is definitely my least favorite place to get it. I'm on two antibiotics and the doctor gave me percocet to help with the pain. I took half of one after Cami went to bed and I had Matthew and Bella curled up on the couch with me :)

and don't forget the FOOD!! :)
 ::click the picture to get the recipe::

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