Monday, September 9, 2013

Life Happenings & Tummy Grumblings

This week will be the kids' first full week of school. It also marks the start of my first week of my bachelor's. I decided to drop educational planning and take Spanish 1 instead. I'm hoping to work on contacting a different college this week to prepare to hopefully transfer there in January.

Last week was the week of fixing everything. My desk chair (which is just a kitchen table chair) had a broken leg that was only being held on by the top bolt. I took it off to see the was badly I used some handy Gorilla glue and a hammer to make it whole once again. Might I just add that the inventor of the allen wrench should be smacked. I hate them. You hear that, Allen???

I also fixed my key fob that broke off my keychain, made the volume control work on the keyboard again, and also fixed my spazzy mouse (computer, not animal) problem. I had a problem with my last household repair though...I have a light in my basement out. It's on my washer/dryer side. I took a chair downstairs only to find I'm too short to even unscrew the fixture to get to the light bulb :/ Luckily, our maintenance people will replace burnt out bulbs for free and surely one of them can reach the fixture.

Tuesday was the kids' open house and Cami's Kindergarten orientation.
We got there a wee bit early and hung out in the car. Cami has begun posing when I take pictures which just cracks me up. She gets the weirdness from her daddy.

Thankfully, Cami stayed with Mrs. Phillips instead of going to the brand new Kindergarten teacher they added a week prior to help reduce class sizes. I snapped this horrible cell phone picture of her holding Mrs. Phillips' hand on the way to the classroom. She was so excited to get the same teacher as Matthew - and I know it made the start of school way easier for her. No nerves at all!

Wednesday was the first day of school and man, were these kids READY!
 Cami wants to be a tap dancer & ballet dancer.
Matt wants to be a chef & a stay-at-home dad.

2nd day of school...again with Cami weirdly posing and Matthew making a silly face.
 ^That's after school :)

 And finally on Friday, Cami's pose before school LOL

And for the food side of nom nom.
Click the picture to go to the recipe.

Oh! And as added bonus...I have left my blog look alone for a while now so I revamped a little. I was getting sick of looking at all the blank white space. I also decided to go back to going by Sarah. Janie just didn't work out very well for me :/ I wish it had though...good news is that being a teacher, I'll end up hearing Mrs. Ellis more than anything LOL

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