Sunday, September 29, 2013

NYS Fair 2013

At the end of August, I decided to brave the New York State fair with the kids. I'm pretty nervous around a lot of people and I am even more nervous when it's just me with the kids and not Nick and me - or another adult and me. We drove the hour to Syracuse and parking was AWFUL. It was a bit cloudy and muggy.

We started off by just trying to get our bearings. I had planned/mapped out what we'd do during the day. Our first activity was the Dog Stunt show - these people and dogs have apparently been on Jay Leno, Ellen, and Oprah. They were amazing!! As you can tell by Matthew's face, he was impressed!

We got an early lunch - around 11:30 - and walked around a bit. We decided to go to the circus to try and hold off on the rides in case the kids got stomach aches. Plus it was really hot and we wanted to get in the shade for a bit. The circus wasn't really the best and I was surprised at how skimpy the ringmaster's outfit was...she was getting catcalled as well...which was just gross. But it did get us rested and cooled off for the next part of our fair time.

 We started off with a caterpillar rollercoaster - which I didn't particularly want to go on because it looked pretty rickety and it was two levels. I went on since I didn't know how the kids would react since they had never been on anything like it. They loved it!

Their favorite of the day was the super slide. They went on this one countless times.

 We got some cotton candy in between rides - and more water. It really was hot that day.
After the rides started getting more crowded, I took the kids to an ice cream stand and we found a seat for the sea lion show. The sea lion show was my favorite part of the day. It was so so funny.

We waited around to get our pictures taken with the sea lions!

Other awesome parts:
  • There was a motorized dog that a state trooper was controlling. He had the remote and a headset and would go hide incognito. As we passed, the dog started talking to us and the kids thought that was just the coolest!
  • We got to see real bears up close!!
  • The food was inexpensive and so was the water. It was everywhere too.
Some complaints (I have them LOL):
  • I wasn't able to find any fried candy bars that they boasted about having. Oreos and Twinkies were everywhere, but no Snickers :(
  • Some of the people working the rides for the kids were rude (not all, but most). I understand that they are in the heat and kids were being crazy, but my kids weren't. They were very polite and waited their turn. We about got our heads chewed off by one employee who was having everyone exit in the enter and enter in the exit - because we went to the WRONG gate. 
  • The circus was just subpar and again the ringmaster's outfit was not appropriate.
  • It was a bit hard to navigate. I feel like as big as it was, it should've had signs to tell you where you were or what activities they had where. Even with a map, it was hard to know if we were lost or not.
  • The bleachers we sat on for the sea lion show had these pipes as rails. I guess the one we sat near had a wasp's nest inside of it. So wasps kept flying out of the end of the pipe that was right next to me :/
Overall, we had a great time though. We ended up leaving right after the sea lion show because a ton more people showed up and it was getting hectic and crowded. The kids were getting ruder (not mine, but other people's) and the parents weren't doing anything about it. It was just time to go.

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