Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stop! Pinning Time: {Popular Pins} Edition

Because I've got nothing better to do and I've been a pin machine lately and I've almost reached 21k pins...and I'm over 7,500's some more of the awesomeness I've found. Also...follow me :D I've been pinning more variety - but a ton of German Shepherds, cats, food, and funnies are what comprise most of my pinning.

Also I'm working on changing everything back to my first name, so don't be alarmed. This whole Janie thing isn't working out for me :(

Moms are resilient...that's for true.

 I'm digging the fall fashion taking Pinterest by storm. It's already getting chilly here. :(
I'm determined to get some cardigans, tights, and leggings this fall.

This is the best. It just is.

 OMG YES! This is why Hermione is my fave.

Is it sad that I can make an innuendo out of this? LOL


This is literally the best thing I've pinned all week, in my opinion.

And most repinned was this recipe I made from a blog called Patio Daddio BBQ.
It's just as delish as it looks.

hoo hoo!

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