Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Plan With Sarah E. | 7

I planned this spread back in April - because I had no self control when I got a bunch of kits to wait to plan. So true story, in the middle of filming this, a wasp flew into my computer room straight into me and I had to edit out where I screamed. The rest of the video is spent paranoid that I'm hearing buzzing noises LOL. I did try to save the wasp and get it outdoors alive, but it would not go out the door. So RIP Scary Ass Wasp. This week in my planner...which is a week in September...uses a mystery kit from Amber's Design Studio and I loooove how this spread turned out. Be sure to stop by my Youtube channel for links to the shop and different things I use in my Erin Condren. I promise very soon, my spreads will align with the actual week that it is and in my new planner, I will be holding off planning until the weekend prior to the spread. :)

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