Friday, January 6, 2017

Weekly Wrap-Up

It has been one super stressful week. I've gone to the ER twice. Once on Sunday with an anxiety attack and then again last night having a panic attack. I went to my doctor yesterday looking forward to starting anti-anxiety/anti-depressant medication, but I ended up having a panic attack last night. I really don't know why but can only assume it was the medicine. I'm disappointed because I wasn't scared to take it. I was optimistic. Today, I am tired and sore (like I had the flu or something) and hoping tomorrow I will feel better. On Wednesday, I ended up slicing my finger cutting cheese - first time I've ever done that and I somehow got my nail, so it's probably going to fall of because it's split right up the middle. So yeah...rough week. Rough week.

There, of course, were good parts to it. On Sunday, my second nephew was born. Little Mister Aiden Gabriel is so cute! I finally got my wreath up that I got last year for Christmas from my mom. We did a lot of hanging out at the house. I painted my nails (prior to the knife incident) this gorgeous Sinful Colors Supernova color. I've gotten super into Booktube lately and subscribed to Owlcrate which is a YA sub box and I ended up getting two of the previous boxes from the shop after my first box in December was FREAKING EPIC. I may end up doing some unboxings in the future, but I didn't for this one because I got it like 2 days before Christmas. I have received two Funkos from the 3 Owlcrate boxes: Hagrid and Ariel. They are so cute!!

I'm hoping next week I will have much more positive things to write about overall!

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