Friday, October 20, 2017

Guilty Reader Book Tag

This original tag was created by ReadLikeWildfire. I don't think that I am a very guilty reader. Just like how I am, in real life, I don't really feel like I have to hide what I think or feel about things -- and that includes books.

Have You Ever Regifted A Book That You’ve Been Given? 

Regifted, no, but I have traded a book for something else when a step-grandparent-in-law got me a book I already had. I switched with my sister (in law) Kathleen for a shirt she didn't like but I did from the same person.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Plan With Me: Creating & Co {R.I.P. Readathon}

Little Dog Paper Co: 
Rory's Sweet Addictions: 
SARAH15 for 15% off Little Dog Paper Co {if there is a sale, mention my name to get my exclusive freebie sampler} 

R.I.P. Readathon

The RIP Readathon is hosted by Paige of Creating and Co - it runs from October 16 to the 22nd. There are 7 challenges (listed below), plus daily photo challenges and three bonus challenges. PLUS Paige created a readathon sticker kit just for this week and I will be sharing that later today here on the blog, but it should be live on Youtube the same time this post goes up.

My TBR contains three books and I'm hoping to get through these three for sure.

  1. CREATURE FEATURE: Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris
  2. 2017 RELEASE: The Sandcastle Empire by Kayla Olson
  3. BOOK IN 1 DAY: Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving
  4. SPOOKY COVER: The Sandcastle Empire
  7. ADAPTATION: Sleepy Hollow

Friday, October 13, 2017

Series Challenge - Update #3

At the beginning of 2017 I was in the middle of 63 series. In March, I went through my TBR on Goodreads because it was over 3000 books and that is entirely too many. I decided to take some of the series off of my list because I was no longer interested in finishing the series and life is too short for subpar reads. In August, I went and removed a ton more books off my TBR and I'm around 1500 now - which is so much better than 3000!

As of 10/1...
I have finished 1 series (with all the books released up to Dec 31, 2018).
I have started 5 new series (and added 1 back on that I thought was done, but wasn't - whoops)
I have read 7 books in series

So not using math from the last update (because I'm sure all my adding and subtracting won't be correct), I am currently in the middle of 53 series.

You can check out my list of series books here. I will be back for my final update in January.