Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dish on Your DVR #8

Next Food Network Star: Guests were Ina Garten and Rachael Ray. The contestants did their little faux tv blurp for Ina and then went live on Rachael's show. The bottom four were Jyll, Vic, Susie and Mary Beth. Jyll ended up going home. She came off as ingenuine and didn't really have a concept for a show.

Celeb Rehab: Steven apologized to Amy. A gang member rehabilitation group called Home Boy came and spoke to the group. It was very sad. One man had pissed off a guy and one day when he was leaving his house, the guy shot his little boy who was sleeping in his mom's arms. The shot also hit his wife. He ended up losing both of them. The rest of the episode was focused around Lohan. I'm still not sure he is really on this program for help. He is a mess though, that's for sure. A dumb ass mess.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kim learns she has psoriasis. She whines. She is seriously one of the brattiest 30 year olds in the world. She acts worse than my 3 year old drama queen tantrum-throwing daughter! Bruce picks up birth control for one of the girls (I can never remember who is older, Kendall, right?) and then confronts Kris. Here's the thing, Kris should be more well-versed on the effects of birth control so she could explain to her husband why she is having her daughter take it. Ex) I would have told Bruce this: "Birth control is also used to regulate a girl's period and is utilized when they are irregular, heavy, or come with some not-so-nice symptoms, like painful cramps. I have discussed with her that this isn't permission to go have sex. I stressed the importance of waiting until it's right for her and that birth control is never 100%" Of course, I would have also discussed this BEFORE I went out and got it for her. And of course, Kris didn't have the sex talk with her 15 year old. *sigh* I was 15 when I lost my virginity. I will definitely be on top of the sex talk by then with my kids. Bruce and Khloe did end up talking to the girls. Bruce is a really good dad. Despite being uncomfortable, he was really open with his girls and had a good talk with them.

Ice & Coco: Coco goes salsa dancing and looks fantastic. That is definitely her dance! She also talks about how she believes in ghosts. Ice doesn't. The episode ends with him messing with the lights and her smacking him :) And then he turns out the lights completely and she runs up the stairs after him. LOL

My Strange Addictions: I'd have to say that this was the strangest My Strange Addictions yet. I get really interested in the psychological reasoning behind all these addictions. Addicted to smelling gasoline: This one was the worst. This woman had done it for 30 years. She spent $400 a month in gas...had 4 water bottles of gas around her house...sniffed it every 10 minutes, woke up in the middle of the night to smell it.Oh and she had short term memory loss and stomach problems from doing it but didn't tell any of her doctors and they were pretty much on a wild goose chase to find out the root of her problems. I love the smell of gasoline too, but this broad was shoving her nose like a half inch away from a bottle of it. She also was reaching inside the gas pump and getting it on her hands and like practically shoving her hands up her nose. It's compulsive and disgusting.I don't remember why the woman started the gas smelling. But I think the chemicals probably are what got her hooked after she initially started. Addicted to teddy bears (caring for them as children and taking them everywhere): She wanted to be a mother desperately but couldn't. So she obsessed with being a caretaker to teddy bears. I think most people sub that with actual pets. Addicted to eating dryer sheets wrapped in toilet paper: Her mom ate toilet paper (her mom died) and then she got the urge when she smelled them...and became obsessed with the smell. Kind of out of curiosity, she ate one...she wrapped them in tissue because her mom ate toilet paper and it helped neutralize the bite of the dryer sheet. And the dryer sheets was a nerve-calming habit, deep rooted with ANTs (automatic negative thoughts). Addicted to being in adult baby (in addition to being a male-to-female transgender): She (he) said that it was because she grew up a little boy and never got the childhood that she wanted as a girl. And was also bullied a lot. I think that it would be imperative that she gets quality therapy. Going through bullying is hard, but as a transgender male-to-female, I'm sure the bullying still happens. I think she has a lot of things she holds inside and it's good to get them out.

Secret Life: This was a pretty boring episode. Amy confronts Carly and then calls Toby. Toby dishes on his stepsister. Apparently she sleeps with anything that has a pulse and has lots of "issues" - Carly eventually gets fired because of thin office walls and it happening to more than one male applicant. Ricky is accepted to the college :) Ben and Nora go out to eat and then Nora drinks til she blacks out :/

Switched at Birth: My DVR was mean to me last week and recorded an hour of black screen instead of the week: Toby came clean about the test to his parents, but Wilke took the blame at school. Regina and Bruce get hot and heavy and she is about to introduce him to Daphne. Kathryn warns her again when she finds out his ex wife and him are still sleeping together. Regina dismisses it, but Bruce does confess to it and they break up. The girls go meet Angelo, but it turns out he is not the Angelo they were looking for. Bay and Emmett kiss!! Eeep! Emmett just came up to her and kissed her and then walked off again. AHH! Love the two of them together. The episode ended with Daphne breaking the code (Bay in numbers) on the guitar case that has sat in her mom's closet and finds years of pictures of Bay, report cards, etc. This week, Regina walks in on Daphne looking through the guitar case. Regina tells her she knew since the hospital meningitis stay that caused Daphne to become deaf. She hired a PI to find Bay and follow her around. Kathryn visits with a scarf for Regina and she picks up that there is a little tiff, but Regina chalks it up to teenagers. John grills his friend who only will say that they haven't found something on them, but rather Regina. And it's not Regina's DUI. Bay tries to confront Emmett about kissing the day before and he kisses her again. Daphne skips school with Wilke and they get drunk and make out. She then calls Emmett to pick her up when she can tell they are going too far. Emmett is with Bay at his house and Bay storms off because he has pictures of Daphne all over his wall and her calling him sets her off. Daphne crashes at Emmett's on the couch and discovers pictures of him and Bay together, even though he says they are just friends. Obviously, they are not just friends. They brought up Tai momentarily when Bay is confused about Emmett..she tries to call him at BCT. While Kathryn and John are at their hearing, they ask why Regina found out in 94 that Daphne was not hers and their lawyer gets them to let her talk with her clients or something because they really had no idea and that wasn't in "evidence" or whatever they call it when that paperwork wasn't presented in the case, so they couldn't prepare for it. Then everyone gets together (except Toby) for Regina to explain herself. Regina says she made a decision to keep Daphne because she didn't want to tear the kids from the only family they ever knew. She didn't contact Bay and that greatly upsets Bay, who goes running to Emmett for comfort. Daphne, of course, is also upset because she feels like she wasn't given an opportunity to know who she really was and her "mom" was stalking her real daughter the whole time. John tells Regina she needs to leave. During that conversation, we also find out that Angelo left because he didn't think that Daphne was his (after all she was fair skinned, blue eyed) and thought Regina had an affair. I can't wait for next episode. This show is so amazing. I just wrote a lot! LOL

Famous Food: I had to catch up on 2 episodes of this...last week, their task was picking a chef. Danielle was pushing for her chef who served RAW chicken. Danielle was obviously so manipulative to say, "Oh, you didn't like it" to DJ whatshisface...when being a "foodie" as she likes to believe she is, she'd have to be a damn moron to know how DANGEROUS RAW CHICKEN is. I really don't like her. Heidi's chef ends up getting picked and she is the MVP. This week, their designer tried to screw them over. And that was about it.

Teen Mom: It seems like Farrah has a good relationship with Derek's dad and stepmom. I want to like Farrah, but she is such a bitch. She just snaps. Her mom was trying to distract her on the way to the hearing and she just snapped at her. She is a good mom though to Sophia. I love how Sophia just perks up immediately when she hears Mommy is home. Catelynn and her mom get into it, but in the end of the episode go to therapy together and I truly hope that they get their relationship mended! Maci's storyline has me snoozing hardcore. Kyle quit his job and joined Maci who had found a $1000/month house in Chattanooga. And Amber blamed everything on everyone but herself. Every time she talks it's all about her. She even said "I can't help that I got pregnant at a young age" - ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I got pregnant at 17. I didn't use it as an excuse. Amber looks like she is on something and clearly, as a mom myself, I know she doesn't care enough about her daughter. The way she makes excuses for not being there for Leah 100% and just walking off after going to a CPS meeting at the police station without a care in the world (walking off from her daughter too)...ugh. She makes me sick. I also don't think it's appropriate to call your lawyer "hun." And she looked like a dumbass with her orange face and white lips.

SYTYCD: What's up with everyone's little entrance being ONLY spins? My favorite routine was definitely the Sonya Tayeh one with Sasha and Melanie! I also loved Caitlynn and Tadd's foxtrot, the cha cha that Ricky performed with Anya, Tadd's hip hop with Lauren, and Jordan's contemporary with Ade. The ones that got good praise like the dumb hip hop routine between Ricky and Marko and Sasha & Pasha's quick step and Caitlynn with Ivan...ehhhh. I really just didn't like most of the routines on Wednesday.

Does anyone watch Roseanne's Nuts on Wednesdays?? I love that show soo much! It's epicly hilarious!

SYTYCD:  I loved the circus piece from Tyce! So beautiful. The bottom four: Caitlynn, Jordan, Jess and Tadd. I was surprised about Tadd. I thought Ricky would be in the bottom. I thought that both girls' solos were sloppy and then the judges agreed. But I think Jordan's was stronger than Caitlynn's. Caitlynn definitely played up the sexy that everyone said she was. It wasn't a true to her solo. Ultimately, Jordan was sent home though. :( I'm rooting for Melanie. I HATED Jess's solo. Honestly, that little guy is so damn cocky and arrogant. It makes me want to punch him in his Jersey face. His solo was cocky and pretty much only pirouettes. Tadd's solo seemed very short though and I thought for sure, he would be eliminated. Much to my surprise, they finally eliminated Jess! THANK YOU! Then with his recaps, I realized that he really didn't adapt to the routine's styles as much as he should have. Every one of them was too Broadway-ish. Tadd is absolutely superb! It was so sad though...Tadd was like devastated for can tell they are all so close. It spanned to the girls who were all crying when Jordan was eliminated. Very sad :(

Upcoming Shows:
Shark Week - Sunday, July 31 @ 9pm on Discovery
Vampire Diaries - Thursday, Sept 15 on CW
Glee - Tuesday, Sept 20 on Fox
New Girl - Tuesday, Sept 20 @ 9pm on Fox
X Factor - Wednesday, Sept 21 and Thursday, Sept 22 @ 8pm on Fox
Whitney - Thursday, Sept 22 @ 9:30pm on NBC
Fringe - Friday, Sept 23 @ 9pm on Fox
Walking Dead - Sunday, Oct 16 on AMC
Psych - USA this October
Pretend Time - Comedy Central this Fall
Sister Wives - TLC this Fall
Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea - NBC this fall

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Quiver [Review]

304 Pages
Published 25 Jan 2011

In sixteenth-century Hungary, Countess Elizabeth Báthory tortured and killed over six hundred servant girls in order to bathe in their blood; she believed this brutal ritual would preserve her youth and beauty

Danica, a young forensic psychologist, is drawn to Báthory’s legend. She has moved from Canada to England to work at Stowmoor, a Victorian insane asylum turned modern-day forensic hospital. One of her patients, the notorious Martin Foster, murdered a fourteen-year-old girl in homage to Báthory. He cultivates his criminal celebrity and Danica struggles to maintain a professional demeanor with the charismatic Foster as she begins to suspect that his activities may be linked to a cabal that idolizes Báthory.

Danica’s life in London becomes increasingly complicated when Maria, a glamorous friend from Danica’s past, arrives to do archival work in the city. She claims to have discovered Báthory’s long-lost diaries and slowly reveals horrific passages to Danica. As Danica’s career and her relationship with her artist-boyfriend, Henry, begin to break down, Maria lures her into a complex social sphere. Unsure of who to trust, Danica’s professional and personal lives become dangerously entwined, and she must decide what she is willing to risk to satisfy her attraction to Báthory’s ominous legend.

My Thoughts:
I don't know what everyone was talking about with this book being "slow" - I was hooked the whole time. I wanted to keep reading and keep reading. I like how it flip-flopped in time a little and I like how it included the diary entries of Bathory. I was just plain impressed.

It ended well and I am going to go looking to see if there will be a sequel. The story leaves it up in the air as if there could be a sequel.

This book was for my Readers Anonymous book club :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seriously?! & Happiness Is...#9

Yes...another weekly linky. I'm obsessed with linkys. They help me collect my thoughts a little to give you all a blog post. Go check out! I just found her last week and I am excited to read more from her!

SERIOUSLY?!...Smoke alarms suck hairy donkey balls. See below.
SERIOUSLY?!...I'm cooking my first whole chicken for the first time tonight, as well as, attempting homemade Au Gratin potatoes.
SERIOUSLY?! What happened to July? Not that I'm complaining too much because August means one month closer to the end of the deployment AND cooler weather AND my final final for college!
SERIOUSLY?! I love how certain people are all up hubby's butt now that he has civilian internet. There are ways to contact him other than Facebook. Namely, email. You know, how I contacted him daily for 9 1/2 months. If you really cared, you'd find a way to get a hold of him.
SERIOUSLY?! I hate being so far away from family. Especially during times where they need someone to help pick up some of the weight around the house with everyday duties. :(

...My children have behaved (mostly) for 2 days and I, in turn, have had more energy and have been much more content and calm.

...A fixed smoke alarm. 2ish weeks smoke alarm upstairs started chirping at 5:30am. I had no 9-volts and had to wake up both kids and run to the shoppette to grab some. I bought extra. By 6:00am, I finally crawled back in bed when my DOWNSTAIRS alarm started chirping. I wanted to cry. By 6:30, I was finally ASLEEP again. 4 days later, it started chirping again at 6:00am. I took another battery down with me and the air duster and replaced the battery and blew out any crap that may be preventing it from working. The next day, the maintenance people came by to do their biannual check of smoke alarms, gas, a/c, etc. They HAVE to replace the they did that in my smoke alarms and just gave me back the ones that weren't all that old at all. Last night at midnight, the downstairs smoke alarm started chirping AGAIN. I ripped it off the ceiling and called maintenance first thing this morning. They replaced the unit altogether and I should have some peace now. Did I mention both kids' rooms are downstairs? The chirping woke them up each time. :/

...Talking to my husband each day and getting that much closer to him being home again. I'm prepared to be a mess again.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Telephone Tree Tuesdays #16

My coffee cup is cooler than yours! :P

Matthew drew this... he says it's a happy face.

What happens when you leave a bottle of water and a book alone around a Cars fanatic.

This is what happens when you visit the bookstore. I returned with too many books :)

Both kids love reading too.

Mmm double Whopper.

Found a non-girly body pillow for Nick and it even matches our bed set! YAY.

The kids had a squirrel sitting on the windowsill and Matthew was drawing it. Little artists.

And lastly...Fort Drum my left was death clouds, to my right was sunshine and a beautiful day.

And if you haven't seen it yet, I made a Blogging Pet Peeves post :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blogging Pet Peeves

Inspired by While He Was Napping's "10 Things I Hate About Your Blog" is time for my list of blogging pet peeves! None of these are meant to offend...I'm sure I do some of someone's pet peeves. But it is nice to know what other bloggers don't like and it's nice to find out new things to help up your readership and make your current readers happier :)

  1. Word Verification. Oh how I despise thee! Just say no, kids! Just say no! I understand not wanting spam or whatever, but I've rarely gotten spambot comments. Furthermore, you can set your blog's comments to be approved by you before publishing. This is what I do now on both blogs. I had my food blog set to publish immediately and anyone could comment, but after some good ole Cafemom drama, I think someone is out to sabotage my food blog. *SMH* Anyways, if you go to your handy-dandy Dashboard and click settings next to your blog and go to your comments tab, you can set up everything so not to annoy anyone! :) If you want to approve each comment...go to comment moderation and click always. Right underneath is a spot to TURN OFF word verification. You can also get your comments sent to your email, which is a great way to reply to bloggers who comment on your stuff!
  2. This is becoming much more of a pet peeve for me. I'd love to be able to respond to people who comment my posts! I made a personal email for my blogs, so no creepers would have my personal email. To find out if you are a noreply-commenter, go to your dashboard. Click edit profile and see if under privacy "show your email address" box is checked. I don't think a lot of bloggers know this, but if you comment back on your actual post, unless the commenter has RSS Feed followed the follow-up comments or constantly check your post, they will have no way of knowing that you actually commented back!
  3. Follow Me! I love finding new blogs to follow, but nothing annoys me more than someone writing a very short generic comment and then saying "new follower and you should check out my blog @ and follow me back." Please don't do this. It's obnoxious! When people comment on my blog, I do go and check out their blogs (unless they comment like I just said annoys me). I don't think it's fair to bloggers that I follow them if I am not interested in their blog. Followers are just a number. It's the readers that you want. The regular readers. So let people who are actually interested in your blog follow it...not someone who doesn't have any interest in your subject matter.
  4. Too busy. Your blog background, your font, your sidebars, your header, etc. When things are too busy, I won't follow a blog. I want to be able to read your posts without getting a headache or get distracted by 20 things flashing or moving on your blog. I personally like using pages for all my favorite blogs' buttons or showing what linky parties I participate in. I try to keep my sidebars clean. Don't have too many colors and make sure you LOOK at your blog. Actually view your blog. Is it something you would read? Do you think it's too cluttered or too busy? If you need a second opinion, ask a friend who you know will be honest! Constructive criticism can go a long way! :)
  5. Narrow blog posts. I am seeing this with more frequency. It's so hard to read a post when it's squished and your pictures are hanging over and oy! You can change your blog width under design (on your dashboard) and template designer.
  6. Automatic Playing Music. I'm especially bad for opening many many tabs when I'm blog hopping. Music often startles me and then annoys me. I rush to find which blog is making which noise and it's even worse when it's more than one at a time going. This is sort of the same as the "follow me" comments. I will look at your music player and decide if it's music I want to listen to. :)
  7. Credit-schmedit. Give credit where credit is due!! Link to other blogs or sites. Don't be a selfish blogger!
  8. Adult Content. I'm not talking about you HAVE adult content...I'm talking you have that pesky little "Are you 18 or older?" agreement before I can look at your blog. More than likely, I will just click my little tab's x and not bother reading. {Added 8/7}
That's all for now. I may add to the post later, but for now, those are the most important! :)   

In response to comments:
  1. I don't mind if a commenter says where they came from. It's nice to know where your followers found your blog :) But I'm still not gonna check out your blog if you tell me to check out your blog :P
  2. Vapid Vixen, I am probably the worst for over-exaggeration of punctuation. I swear I puke commas. I probably puke exclamation marks too. I also like to capitalize anything that I emphasize in my head while I'm typing.
Thank you for all the responses :) I was nervous that I'd have a backlash of negativity! w00t!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dish on Your DVR #7

Next Food Network Star: The first challenge was a teaching video type dealie. Whitney won. Then they had to cook for Wolfgang Puck with what was in the pantry with a full 8-course meal. Chris picked dessert...and tried to make the chocolate cake that he failed in a previous challenge. Dude is such a moron. Jyll made some subpar risotto and Wolfgang stopped in the middle of the meal to take her to the kitchen and teach her how to make it right. He was very nice to her, but she was, of course, still embarrassed. The bottom 4 were Jyll (for being unauthentic), Chris (for being immature and arrogant), Mary Beth (for subpar food) and Penny (for not being warm on camera). Ultimately, Chris and Penny went home - THANK YOU. Sheesh.

Celeb Rehab: The whole episode was basically Steven's lashout at Amy. I don't blame him. I just don't like her. He's done this before...surely part of his personality mixed with detox. He shouldn't have grabbed Shelly though.

Famous Food: Danielle Staub is hard to watch. Her face makes me pucker and squint. Uhh...she is a controlling bitch. And Heidi is likeable. PUKE.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Rob has been avoiding spending time with Kourtney because of Scott. I'm sorry, but Rob drinks a lot too. He used to drink WITH Scott. Fucking lying douche. Scott has made great strides lately and I know Rob is not going to be quick to trust, but holy crap, he's not in the relationship. I really don't like Rob. He went to the hospital. I can't remember why though. I don't care.

Ice & Coco: Coco throws a baby shower for her sister. We get a little info about her parents being divorced and get to see her dad come over to her mom's house and them acting like adults and eventually riding off on his motorcycle together, which freaked both Coco and her sister out :)

My Strange Addictions: There was a lady who was addicted to hairless rats, a lady who was addicted to growing out her nails, a lady addicted to eating sheetrock and a man who was addicted to pulling hair out of the shower drain. :X The shower drain guy made me GAG.

Secret Life: Adrienne comes back to school and lies about everything to save face. But she does protect Ben at some point which is nice. Toby's sister, that Ricky had slept with once before, happens to handle some part of admissions at the college that Ricky applied to. She conivingly makes an appt but it was to try and sleep with him again. She knows about Amy and John, but says if he doesn't do it, he doesn't get in. At the end of the episode, he gets the phone call that he was not accepted and he is told that she said he was trying to flirt with her. He storms off. Grace's boyfriend doops her and that is just too hilarious.

My DVR screwed up "Switched at Birth" so I have to wait until it airs again before next Monday's episode GRR.

Teen Mom: Derek's parents are underhanded and got SS benefits for Sophia turned down and are wanting visitation or something like that. Amber gets a lawyer per Gary's request, but she is just a pathetic person. She blames everyone else for something that is HER fault. They take a cab to the lawyer's office because their licenses are both suspended, although we have seen them driving around throughout the season AND we know that they got pulled over when the show wasn't airing and got in trouble for that. Tyler's dad gets out of jail. I hope that he does stay away from Catelynn's mom so he stays out of jail. I'm still unsure how it works that you have a no-contact order in place when you are legally married. *shrugs* Ryan and Kyle meet and it went pretty well. Both parties were very mature about it. That was really nice to see.

SYTYCD: My favorite routines were Jordan (with all-star Brandon)'s contemporary and Sasha (with all-star Twitch)'s hip hop routine. They blew my mind, especially Sasha's. I still am bothered by Clarice's biting face. NPH was the guest judge. Next week, Lady Gaga will be there - EEP

SYTYCD: The opening number was pretty neat...I noticed Melanie a lot! Bottom dancers were Mitchell, Clarice, Ricky and Jordan. I honestly didn't think Ricky and Jordan should've been in the bottom based on the night before's routines. I think it should've been Jes and Caitlynn. I don't like Jes and I think Jordan was stronger than Caitlynn. I think this is going to be a really hard season though...all of them are very good dancers. Ultimately, Mitchell and Clarice were sent home.

Upcoming Shows:
LA Ink - Thursday, July 28 @ 10pm on TLC
Shark Week - Sunday, July 31 @ 9pm on Discovery
New Girl - Tuesday, Sept 20 @ 9pm on Fox
X Factor - Wednesday, Sept 21 and Thursday, Sept 22 @ 8pm on Fox
Whitney - Thursday, Sept 22 @ 9:30pm on NBC
Fringe - Friday, Sept 23 @ 9pm on Fox
Psych - USA this October
Pretend Time - Comedy Central this Fall
Sister Wives - TLC this Fall
Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea - NBC this fall

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MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #50

1. Do you eat raw cookie dough?
YES! I keep weighing my options...salmonella risk or cooked cookie dough...hmmm...BOTH PLEASE. I like raw cake batter too. Especially funfetti batter!

2. When you get online for the first time of the day... what site do you immediately head to?

Gmail/Facebook/Cafemom/Yahoo. I open all of them at once. Gmail - to email hubby. FB - to check in with everyone. CM - for my Clams! Yahoo - for my blog-related emails..subscriptions and what not.

3. What was your favorite pet as a child and why?
We had a few cats. 3 to be exact, Tiger, Red and Blackie - Tiger died because my little brother (2 at the time) sprayed him with ant spray. Red was a little kitten who was so skiddish that he wouldn't eat and we couldn't get him out of the basement, he died. Blackie was an outdoor kitty who we thought was dead after a major snowstorm..but he ended up finding a new home and a wifie. Then we had Babers (when I turned 4), a cocker spaniel.

I named her and she was beautiful. I still remember the day we got her. She ran and jumped in the car on my lap and licked my face. She was old when we got her though and we thought she was fixed. But she had puppies. And from those puppies came my Jake. Next month will be 2 years since he was put down and I still cry sometimes. I had Jake for 14 years. He was my best friend!

4. If you had a snail that could magically grant wishes, what would you name it?
Gary. LOL. After Spongebob.

5. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?
I'm sorry, but I don't lick suckers. I suck them. That sounds dirty, but seriously, who sits there and licks a sucker?

As Husbands Go

352 pages
Published 6 July 2010

Bestseller Isaacs draws on tony Long Island, gritty New York City, and a tabloid-friendly murder for this smart-alecky whodunit/surprisingly sweet love story. Susan is left alone with her three boys, big suburban house, and nagging questions when plastic surgeon hubby Jonah Gersten turns up dead in a hooker's Upper East Side apartment. Though the police and prosecutors wind up their case against call girl Dorinda Dillon, it's far from settled for Susan. It simply didn't add up, in either my head or my heart, she confesses. And what better sidekick to track down the truth than Susan's rogue granny, Ethel. What follows is an intricate and fascinating dissection of Susan's marriage, family, husband's medical practice and partners, and the unwitting call girl at the center of it all. Isaacs (Past Perfect) brings it all together in this fast and furious ride through wanton greed, fragile relationships, and love worth fighting for.

My Thoughts:
40% thru the book and I just could NOT read any more. It was awful. I don't even know if there was a point to this book but it was awful. I hated the narrator and I was waiting for it to get better. Do not waste your time on this book. I think this is the 4th book for the Clamhouse Book Club and I'm sad that we have yet to have a good book! :S Next month's pick is Outside Wonderland and I have high hopes for that. My next book that I will start today is's for another book club.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Telephone Tree Tuesday #15

They really are best friends...

 Huge moth on my window!
 Painted Cami's nails...she loves it!

 Just like Mommy's!
 She decided to take a pen to herself....*sigh* It's on one arm, her belly, both legs and feet...and her nose.

Monday, July 18, 2011

9 months.

1. Find stuff to do in the surrounding area that we haven't done before. EXPLORE. We went to Old McDonald's Farm last week...and I'm hoping to get the kids a little tee-ball thing so we can start going to the little baseball diamond down the road from our house every week. Not too shabby. Just got set back by unplanned expenses that popped up.

2. Regularly exercise. I still haven't gotten this one down. I have almost given up on this goal. I just can't get motivated for it.

3. Drink more water. No soda. Been doing pretty well here! I drank 2 bottles of water yesterday.

4. KEEP my cleaning schedule. Imagine this...still sucking at this. I hate cleaning.

5. Find a place to get rid of the junk in the garage [the broken appliances]. I need to set up a bulk pickup date with community center, also find out what I can get rid of.

6. Read 100 50 books and watch all the movies I have. I've changed it to 50 books because I'm so caught up in everything else and not doing well with reading in spare time. I am, however, doing well with movies. I watch 1 to 2 a night now.

7. Pick up a hobby and STICK to it.  I have still been crocheting (while I watch my movies) and I recently have gotten a ton of patterns to try out.

8. Be more patient with the kids.  I've done really well with this over the last week and the kids are acting a little better because of it.

9. Finish my associate's degree. Almost done (3 weeks left) - I need to start figuring out what I need to do to get my actual degree in hand.

10. Stop cursing so much. I could do better.

11. Take the car for regular car washes and vacuum at least once a month. Suck it up and go outdoors even if my neighbor is obnoxious!

12. Make a recipe bucket list. I want to make a 100 in 1001 list for my food blog.

13. Start to get rid of the baby stuff in the basement. May have a place for it!

14. Make a 100 in 1001 list. Do it!!!!!

15. Write up a new budget. Keep better track of money. Never mind this...we're just pretending we don't have any money now because of the whole Dell situation

16. Become a couponing queen. I'm finding it difficult to find a lot of useful coupons.
17. Get everything fixed in the house - the kids' tub, the garbage disposal, the light under the cabinet, my tub's drain, the fence... Got 3 things fixed and then my a/c broke....they are supposed to come by this week for that and I'm also asking about my stupid chirping smoke alarms. I literally changed the batteries last week because they were both chirping at 5:30am.

18. *NEW* Research Le Cordon Bleu school in St. Louis.

19. *NEW* Deweed garden and replant vegetables and flowers that I purchased.

20. *NEW* Start getting the house really organized and running smoothly for when Nick gets home. I am running out of time!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dish on Your DVR #6

Mob Wives: Reunion. It was supremely annoying. Now I can't figure out who is telling the truth about what. And there is gonna be a 2nd one this fall! YAY!

Celeb Rehab: Poor Bai Ling has some issues. I can understand her not wanting to get addicted to anything else but shoo. Jessica "Sugar" Kiper joins the rehab. She was on two seasons of Survivor, but was kicked off because she was suicidal. She uses alcohol and pills. In group therapy, Amy likens rehab to jail and that sets Lohan off. I'm still not completely believing his crap. Anyways, he went off about how it's nothing like jail, pedofiles put up pictures of Lindsay and others had pictures of his wife and drew penises and what not on her mouth and wrote slut and whore on them. They do a group exercise, equine therapy. And back at a meditation, Steven gets irritated when Amy won't admit she has a problem but everyone else does. I don't like Amy at all. What a dumbass.

Next Food Network Star: The Gamers' Challenge was with Tyler Florence and the contestants were split into 3 groups of 3 people and had to make a foodie truck along with a quick "commercial" advertisement type thing. Vic, Jyll and Orchid did awesome with the commercial. Jeff, Whitney and Suzie was a bit awkward...Jeff wanted to talk about balls the whole time. At the end of the day, Mary Beth, Orchid and Whitney were in the bottom (Chris should have been, I think) and ultimately Orchid went home :( I swear, Chris better go home next week! The previews showed 2 people going home though. My favorites are Jyll and Vic.

Famous Food: Oh lordie. Another smutty show to watch. The show is about a "celebrity" getting a deal with these 2 guys to open a restaurant. You have Ashley Dupree, Spitzer's mistress, Jake Pavelka (the Bachelor, who said he respects women and I busted out laughing), 36 Mafia (big pervs! :)), Danielle Staub (Real Housewives of NJ, I really don't like her), Vinnie (an actor from Sopranos, who apparently thinks he's in the mob for real), and Heidi...yes, Heidi. Danielle and Heidi think they are these huge celebrities, which they aren't. They are both big fat jokes. Jake is so dumb! I mean like REALLY dumb. Ashley isn't far behind Jake. Everyone starts out ignoring Heidi which made me crack up. Then Heidi and Danielle slipped out to "go get coffees" which was really going to get their wine on and conspire. In the end, the Fame idea was shot down as too over the top and not cohesive. Ashley did get her idea of picnic tables approved and Danielle was NOT happy about that. Or at least I think that's what her face was portraying, I couldn't tell.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kris is overbearing about Kourtney not getting married.

Ice loves Coco: OMG. Spartacus, their bulldog, is so funny and cute! Coco has her clothing line coming out and first, her shirts spelled "licous" instead of "licious" and then her manager for some reason wanted to get stick-thin, 8 feet tall models instead of volumptious, curvy ones. Ice takes Spartacus to get trained (with cheese) and when his photoshoot comes along, he isn't listening to Coco and Ice remembers the cheese. Then everything plays out!

Secret Life: Ricky and Amy are nitpicking at each other, but seem to resolve little arguments quickly. Adrienne decides to clear the nursery out which makes Ben snap and then go running to Amy who tells him that she has Ricky now and he says that Ricky will hurt her. Adrienne ends up punching holes in the walls of the nursery, that can't be good. Ricky does have a weak moment when he saves the voicemail that Adrienne sends him and when the message is played, it's a quick short message that is super sultry and he saves it again. Grace and her new bf get in a little tiff about how she wants to have sex and all her friends have/had babies. Grace is needy and also really bitchy. Ben is a giant douche and ends up drinking and then going into a restaurant where his dad is eating and passing out. Jack broke up with Madison.

Switched at Birth: Toby manhandles Bay in the beginning of the episode about money. He's only come up with $4000 of the $10000 he owes his friend. I think...unless he needs $4000. I think it's that he has only come up with that much. Anyways...Daphne starts taking a cooking class at Buckner Hall (the hearing school), but misses the timer's bell and her food burns. She is partnered with Toby's friend Wilke(the one he owes money to)...he sticks up for her a couple times, but I still don't trust him. He's shady. The principal demands that Daphne gets an interpreter or else she is a liability. And also mentions cochlear implants. Daphne mentions this to Regina who goes to yell at Kathryn...finally it is brought up that she should USE HER HANDS. Aka learn sign language. It was killing me that no one had done this yet. If I found out anyone in my family was deaf, the first thing I'd do is learn sign language. Meanwhile, Bay and Emmett connect over art and trying to find her father. Bay sure did get over Ty really fast (smh), but I think they are adorable together. Emmett is so CUTE! Toby tries to get money from his dad, but doesn't come clean completely and decides to steal some chemistry exams. Daphne tells Bay about how awful 3rd grade was and that Regina didn't have her in a deaf school or learn sign language until then. Bay comforts her and you can tell they are going to become really close. Daphne talks about how Emmett (who she has only heard talk once) ran up and screamed at the girls that were making fun of her. I think Bay's character is a lot better off hanging around Emmett. She seems to really like him. It's cute. Daphne makes due with her interpreter and stands up for herself in class - she makes the teacher bon bons and tells the kids that were making fun of her that she would offer them one but they may catch deaf. LOL.

Teen Mom: Although I mostly don't like Farrah and she was really bitchy to her mom when she asked if she was eating well (I'm sure the pain pills made her nauseous or something), it was nice to see how much of a bond her and Sophia have. I'm not sure what to think about Maci - I don't think Kyle is right for her. It was nice to see how Tyler's mom and sister weren't as nice about Catelynn behind her back as they are to her face. If Tyler wants to move in with Catelynn, I don't see why he shouldn't. His mom needs to get over it. And Amber....ohhh Amber. She irritates me to no end. When she contributed to Leah's fit by manhandling her off a toy, she should have comforted her, not walked out of the room. She's a lazy POS. Gary is just as stupid. Amber's brother tried to talk some sense into her, but she didn't listen at all.

Hot in Cleveland and Happily Divorced were hilarious as usual! I hope Hot in Cleveland continues for a long time! It's one of my favorites.

SYTYCD: Each couple performed 2 routines.
Sasha and Alexander: They did a paso doble that was lame...they looked tired. And they did a Broadway piece that I guess wasn't too memorable because I don't remember it. I figured they would be in the bottom.

Ryan and Ricky: They did a broadway and a cha cha. Both fell short. As much as I wanted to like Ryan in the beginning, she has fallen short. Her faces while she dances are so obnoxious. That weird biting to the beat mouth when she fails to be sexy. Eesh. And Ricky just couldn't be suave. I knew they'd be in the bottom.

Jordan and Tadd: They did a contemporary which was BEAUTIFUL. My favorite of the show! Travis Wall is an amazing choreographer. They also did a broadway that I thought was cute but apparently the judges didn't like it. These two are my favorites of the show as well. I love them.

Caitlynn and Mitchell: They did a hip hop that I didn't like at all. and a Travis Wall contemporary that was much better suited to them.

Clarice and Jess: They did a hip hop that I thought Jess was too Broadway-y with. Clarice outshined him. They also did a jive and again she outshined him, except for her biting faces. The lifts were so awkward. I thought they'd be in the bottom.

Melanie and Marko: They performed a tango that received high praise and a contemporary piece that was just amazing! Melanie is another favorite of mine.

SYTYCD: The show opened with an AWESOME paso doble by the top 12. I love that Jordan was the center of it. She is a beautiful dancer. The bottom couples were: Ryan and Ricky, Sasha and Alexander and Caitlynn and Mitchell. Ryan and Alexander were eliminated. I think it was Ryan's time to go, but I think Ricky should've gone with her.

Upcoming Shows: 
My Strange Addictions - TLC Sunday July 17
LA Ink - TLC Thursday July 28
X Factor - Fox Wednesday Sept 21
Fringe - Fox Friday (starts Sept 23)
New Girl - Fox this Fall
Psych - USA this Fall
Pretend Time - Comedy Central this Fall
Sister Wives - TLC this Fall
Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea - NBC this fall
Whitney - NBC Thursday 9:30pm

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Mil-Spouse Friday Fill-In

1. If you could have a private concert with any singer, who would it be? 
Easily, Lady Gaga :)

2. Is there anything you do to supplement your family’s income? 
Other than budgeting and pretending that money that does exist, doesn't exist, no. I hope to one day turn my food blog into something that makes a little money, but I'm not ready for that yet.

3. During your pregnancy (whether past, present, or future), what did you nickname your unborn baby before you knew the sex? 
submitted by Explosions of Love
Matthew was Peanut. Cami didn't have a nickname until I was 37wk 4d pregnant, when we finally found out she was a girl...and then she was Twinkle Toes.

4. Have you ever won a blog giveaway? If so what did you win? 
submitted by Mrs. O’s Life
Yes! I won a dress from Rachel @ Eat & Write :)

5.If I looked into your refrigerator right now, what would I find? 
submitted by Married to the Army
Right now...lots of milk, butter, sour cream, yogurt, cream cheese (most of those for baking)...
lots of veggies too. And then condiments galore.

Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me

272 pages
Published 10 May 2011

"My tendency to make up stories and lie compulsively for the sake of my own amusement takes up a good portion of my day and provides me with a peace of mind not easily attainable in this economic climate."--Chelsea Handler, from Chapter 10 of Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

It's no lie: Chelsea Handler loves to smoke out "dumbassness," the condition people suffer from that allows them to fall prey to her brand of complete and utter nonsense. Friends, family, co-workers--they've all been tricked by Chelsea into believing stories of total foolishness and into behaving like total fools. Luckily, they've lived to tell the tales and, for the very first time, write about them. 

My Thoughts: 
Hilarious! The different stories are just too funny. I can't believe how many of her staff and friends and family keep falling for her lies!! :) I highly recommend this to Chelsea fans and people who have a good sense of humor. There were a few reviews where people were so shocked at the "awful" things she did to people around her. It's so's Chelsea!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

{I'm Loving}
Old McDonald's Farm!
That's where we're going today 
(once the kids pick up their toys which I've been arguing with them for an hour about) 
and I couldn't be more excited!

Here's pics from last time...

They were so photogenic :)

There was a bee. LOL.