Monday, January 5, 2015

Seriously Series 2014 Final Update

Reading the Paranormal - 2014 Seriously Series Reading Challenge

Can I just go ahead and say ouch?! I really overdid the goal setting and therefore...didn't even get close to reaching it. I'm setting a much more realistic goal in 2015 to make a dent in these series, for sure. You can find any book updates on my new-ish blog: Teacher's Pet to Teacher.

My goals:
  • Series started before 2014: Seriously Spectacular Series Star (18+ series). I want to make a dent in the 56 series in 2014. I'm aiming for 20. I may add some if I can finish. - completed 10/20
  • Series started in 2014: Seriously Serious (7-12 series). I can't help but start new ones :) - completed 1/10
  • Series rereads: Semi-Serious (1-6 series). I plan to reread 3 series this year already, so that's perfect. - completed 0/3