Friday, October 3, 2014

Seriously Series 2014 Update #3

Update #3: My July through September progress

Reading the Paranormal - 2014 Seriously Series Reading Challenge

My reading has significantly dropped off in the last little section of this year for this update. My book count in June was 21 of the books below. I've read 6 more books and added a few more series to my list down there. I'm hoping for a strong finish for this year. I'd at least like to see half my list done.

My goals:
  • Series started before 2014: Seriously Spectacular Series Star (18+ series). I want to make a dent in the 56 series in 2014. I'm aiming for 20. I may add some if I can finish. - completed 9/20
  • Series started in 2014: Seriously Serious (7-12 series). I can't help but start new ones :) - completed 1/10
  • Series rereads: Semi-Serious (1-6 series). I plan to reread 3 series this year already, so that's perfect. - completed 0/3

October TBR List + Upcoming Releases

So last month I talked about how I was probably going to keep this same list for next year's TBR and I've basically already drafted that up. The different highlighted colors are the different months. I only managed to read one book last month (11/22/63 by Stephen King), but it was a whopping 866 pages long, so I call that a success. This month I will be busy for the first half with college stuff and then it'll taper off hopefully. But then again we may end up moving when my school stuff tapers off. So I don't foresee a lot of free time to just read. By the end of the day, I'm also completely exhausted and don't feel like reading - pregnancy will do that to you!