Friday, February 27, 2009

My First Post :)

So I am very excited to be writing in an itty bitty blogspot! :) I love to write & I don't get to express my thoughts & feelings as much as I would like to. Writing is one of my favorite things to do & it has often been an outlet for me! wOOt! I guess I'll start off with today's happenings.

So...The children are driving me up a wall lately! They can be perfectly well-behaved one second and the next, they are fussy & whiny & angry. Matthew took a sharpie to his sheets and my plastic 3-drawer filing cabinet thing. A bright fuschia sharpie.

I'm about to go nuts. They wake each other up. Matthew crawls in my bed and gets mad at me in the middle of the night for being in it. Or he'll catapult himself into his sister's crib. *sigh* Just a big ball of unneeded stress! Cami is and always has been a spitfire. She has SUCH a temper. If she doesn't get her way, she will full out scream. Just to scream. She is HORRIBLE about taking naps. Matthew, of course, is a week and a half from being two and his attitude is REALLY picking up.

I'm excited to move! I'm excited to have my own stuff and make my own food and take care of my children and sleep in my own bed by myself. I've been cracking down on every aspect of moving. I have called Housing. I have all my stuff that I have here written down on a list. I have a plan of what goes where in my car. I have a diaper bag list. I started a grocery list and I'm just stoked.

I'm very very very excited about upcoming events though! Nick is gonna leave Iraq on SUNDAY! AGHHHH! I'm a whole slew of emotions and I know I am gonna bawl my eyes out when he calls me from Atlanta and I leave to get him in my car; I'm gonna bawl when I get to the airport; I may just have a friggin heart attack when I see him. But I'm just..ohmigod. I cannot even grasp how BIG of a moment it's gonna be when I see him! I get so emotional thinking about that ONE moment. It's going to be perfect. Absolutely perfect. I'm nervous about it too. I feel like I've had a 30 min 4x a week on the phone relationship with him for going on 5 months now and it feels like I'm meeting him for the first time all over again. Or like we JUST started dating. It's going to be hard for me not to be shy, not to want to impress him. I always hear that it is hard for military families to get back into the swing of the family life together, but I honestly don't see that happening to us. I know Nick will jump right in helping and being the great man (father & husband) that he is. I am glad that this deployment happened. It really showed me (as well as Nick) how important our relationship is. How incredible. And how rare. I think it is just the hardest thing we've been put through. It really proves how mature our relationship has become. Ah! I'm just in a state of bliss with the whole thing.

Oh, and "Fortune Favors The Brave"! I was looking for the right title for my blog. I prefer not to disclose my last name and all that kind of crap and I wanted to be original. Sometimes I try too hard, however, I wanted a sweet, short quote to sum up my past, present and future. I think this one fits to a tee! :)

Anyways, *big sigh* I've completed my first blog. I feel GREAT. It's always a relief for me to get things off my chest. And I've rambled enough, so GOOD BYE for now! I'll do my very best to blog tomorrow and the next day and so on and so forth!

P.S. Here's a couple pictures!