Friday, March 20, 2009


So my baby daddy (rofl) is on his way back to Iraq. BOO! I miss him already..but I am sort of happy that he is gone b/c the sooner he left to go back, the sooner he gets home.

I am doing horribly at keeping up with this stuff. But that could also be because Nick was here and I didn't want to be on the computer all the time.

The kids have been awful for laying down for a nap. But that's whatever. The kids are trying to transition already with Daddy not being here. :(

I have to take the hold off for base housing in NY. Mkay...welllllll that's all the update I have for right now. I have to go burn confidential shit :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Morning of...

So supposedly Nick's flight gets here today. I am now officially antsy again. I suspect it will be VERY soon that he'll call. I cannot wait to see him! 

I'm also kinda hoping that it'll be soon, b/c I am very afraid that he will email me from Kuwait or call me from Kuwait and say..I haven't left yet. I'm trying not to get too excited.

It's kind of funny b/c a lot of people were saying maybe he'll surprise you. All I have to say is if he wants to keep his ballsack intact..he'll call me from Atlanta and say come pick me up. LOL. I think he knows better than to do that AND I think that he is way too antsy to see me to NOT have me be the first thing he sees off his plane! Ya know?

*fingers crossed* Let's hope he is almost to the U.S. :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I've really calmed down a lot. I was really antsy and now I'm just chill. I don't know why I am not still freaking out. But it's nice. I guess I'm GOING to see Nick sometime tomorrow. I am expecting around 6am. He is expecting around 8am and his papers say 1400. BUUUUUT, we think that may be Kuwait time. His company commander, Cpt. Tyner, gave up his seat so Nick could leave Iraq, which is incredibly nice and I cannot wait to meet him and his family to tell them just how much I appreciate it. He seems like a great leader and definitely just proved that his soldiers come first! Nick got to Kuwait late last night and emailed me. His flight was set to leave at 2200..aka 1pm our time. So he should be leaving Germany soon, if not already! :)

I think that may be what has calmed me down. Before it was that he hadn't left Iraq. His flight kept getting cancelled. He was supposed to get on a plane 6:30p Sat our time and it kept getting cancelled over and over again. He finally got on the one at 11:30a Mon, I believe. Now that he is out of Kuwait, I hope. I totally feel relieved. I'm ready to see him. I really am. I'm gonna bawl like there's no tomorrow but I'm going to be so happy.

I am kinda freaking though. Because I have to get dressed and I am HOPING that I don't need to fix my hair or my makeup. I am hoping that it will be at 6 or before so I can NOT have to worry about dragging the kids with me. Oh lord...that's what I am so afraid of. Blehhhh. Do NOT wanna do that. First, it's cold. Second, it takes so long to load them up and unload them. I'll have to pack bottles or pack a snack until breakfast. I'm also worried it'll be in the middle of a nap. Blehhhhh! LOL.

I got Girl Scout cookies today :D I was disappointed b/c I really wanted some. BADLY. YAY FOR THIN MINTS...oh and btw..Edy's Thin Mint ice cream is HEAVENLY! hahaha.

I'm hoping that even while Nick is here, I will keep this blog up. I've done far! :)

P.S. Me booing the "Hurry Up & Wait" policy!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's finally March!

WOO! Nick is on his way still. It's almost the end of Sunday for him. I'm hoping that he has already left Kuwait. I really am. But he didn't call me yet, so I'm not sure. I didn't go to bed until 2 am b/c I am SO excited and antsy.

Matthew is going to be TWO in just 10 days. Where has my little baby gone? It seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant. I cannot believe he is going to be two. Daddy will be here for his birthday and I am excited for that!

I get to meet Amber in 2 weeks! :) I'm really excited for that. She is an amazing person and like me in so many ways. I'm gonna wear my Team Edward shirt so we can match :P If only I could convince the army to PCS David to Ft. Drum! Then us clone families could live by each other and hang out all the time. I think Nick & David will really hit it off. 

That's all for this morning. I'll prolly be up til the crack of dawn again tonight and may have a birth story or something to tell. lol. I think I scared any readers I may have had with my last blog being 8 years long! :D I told you I love to write. Although it was late and there are lots of errors. Like I said Nick gave me his coat when I was coat :( haha. I meant cold.