Tuesday, April 14, 2009


See what I freakin mean? I'll do well for a while then completely forget about the blog :(

Update in my life:
Me: I am doing well. Just yesterday I started with my no-soda, drink more water rule. So far it's working well. Yesterday I drank 5 8-oz glasses of water, which is REALLY good for me, as I don't friggin drink water. I am also on a mission to eat better as well as the children too. I'm a notorious chocolate addict and have already begun Matthew on that road. So I'm wanting to get rid of that. Easter was hell. Those kids ate nothing BUT chocolate all day long. In 8 days, I'm moving to NEW YORK. I'm incredibly excited. I love to move. I love new places. And Fort Drum homes have such a GREAT reputation that it just makes me even more freakin' excited! :)

Nick: HE IS MY SPECIALIST PROMOTABLE! Woooo! When he makes his points, he is getting promoted to Sergeant. I'm so very proud of him. He's a hard worker and he's extremely determined to be the very best, not only for himself, but he is definitely working his hardest for the children and me. :) Nick is seriously one of the most respectable men I have ever and I think WILL ever meet in my lifetime. He's so amazing.

Matthew: My monster is becoming more like his daddy each and every day. He is so smart and so funny. He strives daily to make me not only laugh, but try to get me to pee my pants or cry tears of laughter. He usually succeeds. alsfkajsldfkj. Matthew is picking up words so quickly and he is now completely obsessed with Cars. We watch it 3 or 4 times each day and for someone who has had such an ADD nature about him, he sits STILL for almost 2/3 of the movie. It leaves me speechless to see him sit so still. :)

Cambria: Oh goodness, my little troublemaker. She is incredibly smart too, however, she is just as determined in nature as her daddy and this leaves ME to get her off the table ALL DAY LONG. And I mean ALL day long. She likes to take her cereal and throw it on the floor so she can smash it with her feet via tapdancing. But she is a little sweetheart and loves to sit on anyone's lap and "read" books.

That's about all for us :)
YAY. Maybe I'll blog tomorrow...or maybe not. ahahaha.