Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fat. I. Gue.

Yeah...I'm exhausted. I feel like everything decided to hit me at once and it's very overwhelming.

I haven't talked to Nick since Sunday, it's now Wednesday. This is not what I've ever been used to and it's taking a toll on me. Matthew is still having meltdowns daily - mostly at bedtime, middle of the night wakings. :( Our garbage disposal crapped out on us now my sink is full of putrid smelling dirty water. Maintenance will be here within the next 2 hours to fix it. My classes are AWESOME. I've been able to span out my homework over the weekdays and so far, I'm right on schedule. I've been thinking of getting ahead while I can because I really like Psychology and Geology. I feel like I'm retaining information - for once. I had some trouble on Monday when I went to start the was on my enrolled classes list but when I went to the portal to get to my class, it said I wasn't enrolled. I had to call the school and a lady was able to drop me from my classes and reenroll me and fix it. *phew* But college is really a soft spot for me right now. I get more and more frustrated and confused and scared and everything in between when I see what nursing programs expect for you to get admitted to them. I pretty much have to get the ball rolling right now and get vaccinated - NOT EXCITED. I hate shots and I absolutely am a big baby about them. And I DON'T want the flu shot (especially since it's a combo this year) - because every year I begged my mom to let it slide and she ALWAYS made us get the stupid things and every year I got sick. I don't WANT to be sick. The kids and I are HARDLY EVER SICK. Last time I was sick was December 2008. The kids have had a couple runny nose/cough common colds, but not the FLU. GAWDDDDDD. I'm just angry that I've been busting my ass on this associate's and it won't even count for much :( I'm going to have to get an ADN. I might have to settle for LPN rather than RN depending on time/money, etc. Just absolutely freaking frustrating!!! Oh and CPR certified. Have to do that too. I know I will at LEAST need both of those before I can get into a nursing program :/

Idk. I'm just so frustrated right now and I really would love to talk to Nick...actually talk to him...most of our talking that we've been able to get in is...I'm here...I'm busy...dry air...chapped lips. Kids, refrigerator, finances. It sucks.


I do not like deployments.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Huh. Crazy.

The kids are actually behaving pretty well today.

I've cleaned a lot of stuff up in the last 2 days as well :] I've been awesome at cleaning now that I have some free time.

I think I've finally figured out how we can go about getting Christmas presents. I'm going to need to make a trip out to Target and the mall.  I definitely need some wrapping paper..ugh!

I got my final essay grade - 160/200 - I attacked the opposition. Whoops. Now I'm just waiting to see if it's an A in the class. I know I have one in Mass Comm because the teacher is nice enough to tell us what makes what grade.

And Matthew went drawing up a STORM this morning. **pic heavy**
This is me. I'm crying because I have a boo boo and apparently that boo boo is staph.

Then Matthew drew feathers on my head...??

Now I'm happy!

And I get a hat that is falling off my head, he said it was about to fall in the street. He tried to draw the street on the bottom, but the little eraser thing was in the way.

This is a baby Matthew.

Kind of reminds me of Ike on South Park. LMAO

We just started working on writing capital letters. We were trying for A but he decided to write a T instead.

Mr. Fluffy from Ni Hao Kailan

And this is an army truck. Daddy is driving Matthew in it :]

Here's the new fridge...

And the new bedspread which is 8 billion times warmer than the last which is GREAT seeing as how NY is lame and decides to be in the low 40s for the past few days.

And here's some extras of the kids- just because :)

Sgt just like Daddy :D

Getting ready to eat their first kiss out of the kiss jar :]

Look at these crazy clouds!! They just went straight down in stripes?? Don't worry I wasn't actually driving, I was in the parking lot of Walmart in park hoping no one would drive up behind me. LOL

Friday, October 22, 2010


Let me see if I can't remember everything that I need to...argh.

I wrote my last 3 papers and so far, 2 have been graded. I got a 50/50 on my Ted Turner report for extra credit and a 150/150 on my substance addiction for research paper. I'm waiting on my final essay to be graded. I have secured an A in Mass Communications and now I'm waiting to find out if I got an A or B in Freshman Composition. My next classes are Geology, Geology Lab and Psychology. I went to go order my books with my voucher and it didn't I paid $300 for my books and had to pay $47 for shipping to get it this week instead of AFTER my classes start next week. I'm getting nervous about the next 3 because I think they will be difficult classes.

Christmas shopping is slow. I realized that we have 3 paychecks left to get Christmas gifts and I'm freaking. I have to order the rest of the kids, my mom's, Nick's mom's...finish getting Nick's...get Nick to do Zack's and Erich's...go out and get Emma and Kathleen's...then figure out what to get Jacob, Joseph and Michele. Then I have to get all my small gifts together for all the girls. My brain is absolutely dying! Christmas is SNEAKING up on me.

I can't believe it's FRIDAY! I'm already losing track of my days! Today is Day #5 though. Matthew finally went meltdown free last night. He's been really upset that Nick is gone. :( I'm trying everything I can to make it positive but it's hard. Also...the deployment is definitely reflecting in his mood/behavior. I've been giving SOOOO many "in the corner timeouts" that it's not even funny!! However, my house has been staying CLEAN. I mean super's unbelievable! Nick would faint if he saw how clean the house is. LOL. I'm trying to work with Cami on potty training...she's been taking off her diaper to sit on the potty AFTER she pees. I'm contemplating trying to let her wear panties and pee in them...but I'm not sure. I don't know if she's ready or not.

My refrigerator broke 2 days ago and I got a new one yesterday. It's pretty epic. OMG. I'm so in love!! It's amazing!! I keep know you are "old" when you get excited for new appliances. LOL.

I know I'm probably forgetting a lot of stuff, but that's the jest of what's going on, I guess. I've been doing alright..the first 2 or 3 days were rough but I think yesterday was my and Matthew's breakthrough day. Neither of us had meltdowns :]

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I've been doing...crappy.

With keeping up with these blogs.
I need to write out a good long one tomorrow. If I remember.

I spent the last weeks really spending quality time with Nick.
Today is Day #2 and I've been dealing with Matthew acting out and having meltdowns at bedtime. But the days have gone by so fast. It's literally like I blink and it's lunch time and then I blink and it's dinner time...blink again and it's midnight. I hope for Matthew's sake that it's going by just as quickly for him.

I did get to briefly message with Nick today and he is doing fine and is almost there. They always stop somewhere else for a while and then go on to their destination.

I keep getting people telling me that since this is not his first, it will be easier. Last year, I answered a question on if deployments get easier with each one that passes. Back then I said that no, not really. I don't think it gets better. I'm not sure if it even is something you get used to. This one snuck up on us too fast and I had a really hard time dropping him off. I'm not scared or worried about him. I just don't want to be without him for a year. Nick is my very best friend and not having him around just breaks my heart.


That is all for tonight. I need to get to bed!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My bwain hurtz.

It's almost 11am...and I think I'm about to start cleaning like a mad woman. Let it be known that I really don't want to, but my house is a mess and needs cleaning severely. I've thought of a few more things to add to my deployment list.

  1. Explore the surrounding areas.
  2. 30 Day Shred and/or P90X
  3. Drink more water. Soda on occasion, very rare occasion.
  4. KEEP my cleaning schedule.
  5. Organize all of the basement and get rid of anything that is get-riddable.
  6. Find a place to get rid of the junk in the garage [the broken appliances].
  7. Catch up on movies, books and tv.
  8. Try to get closer to my natural hair color and grow my hair out long!
  9. *New* Potty train Cambria.
  10. *New* Do a deployment chain of rings with construction paper.
  11. *New* Do a kiss jar for the kids.
  12. *New* Try lots of new recipes.
  13. *New* Organize everything in the house that needs to be organized.
I'm bouncing back and forth between being ready for the deployment and feeling sad. I'm still trying to think about how long we will stay at the hangar with Nick. It may be harder to stay until he leaves, so we may not stay the whole time. He got an email yesterday from GoArmyEd about his flag being lifted, so he printed out a bunch of stuff and he's hoping he will get his promotion! I do too. He really has been screwed over countless times that he shouldn't have been. It's almost a year overdue now. The first time he made points was in October 2009. Then again in June 2010. September 2010 was the THIRD time. And all of these times s1 screwed up his paperwork and were the reason he didn't get promoted. :/

I have 2 more papers to write and I'm done with this semester. I'm not sure if I will clean today during the kids' naptime or if I will work on one or the other. Mass Communications is an extra credit report, but I want to do it so I can make an A in the class. Freshman Comp is my final exam essay, but should be incredibly easy because I'm doing DADT.

Cami is sick :/ It seems like every time we bring the girl out of the house, she ends up sick. It's just a cold though. She's a little warm, stuffy, runny nose and slight coughing. Still acting completely normal.

Random Fact About Me #13 - I hate cleaning kitchens. I hate dishes. I hate cleaning the counters, table, stove. I hate cleaning the refrigerator. I hate sweeping and mopping. I hate EVERYTHING in the kitchen.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Busy Busy Bee. :]

Bzz. Bzz.

Gah. I'm so random :P

So today, I've been full force working on my research paper. I've read through 2 sources and already feel much more confident about it!! I think this one will be a breeze to get through. I have 5 sources altogether. Then I think tomorrow I will work on my final paper on DADT. Again, this should be an incredibly easy paper. I can write about DADT ALL DAY LONG! Too easy. I think I will get a good grade on it too. And then...ughh...onto my mass communications extra credit report because this girl refuses to make a B. It's a 4 to 5 page report on someone who has influenced broadcasting [television, radio or motion pictures] or an event, but I'm going to do a person. I'm not so confident on that one...but I only need 20 out of the possible 50 points to get an A. So I guess it doesn't have to be super great or anything.

I think after Cami wakes up, we're going to the dog park's playground. Tomorrow I want to take the kids to a pumpkin patch out in Sackets Harbor. And then Nick is back to work on Tuesday. Not thrilled for that one. But good news is...HIS FLAG IS LIFTED!! After almost 2 months of being flagged for an outdated PT score that wasn't outdated....he's no longer flagged. He talked to a guy in HRC and they said that he should see his promotion reflected 1 Sept as well. We're still waiting on that one. And if he does get that...he will get 3 paychecks worth of the increased pay we missed [just the difference]. I think it's super exciting and I really hope that nothing gets screwed up to where he doesn't get the promotion. I'm kind of worried that he won't get actually promoted until he deploys and that will anger me if I miss his SERGEANT promotion. Going from e4 to e5 is a BIG deal. He'll no longer be junior enlisted...he'll be a non-commissioned officer!! Seriously!

Oh and update on my finger...I squeezed it 2 days ago after I had soaked it...pus was green. So I have staph. Which makes got infected because it was simply a wound. And it got super painful and swollen because it abcessed. I hate staph. Did I mention that? It's not swollen any more and it hardly hurts anymore. w00t.

Okey doke...enough of that. Tomorrow is our 6 year anni...we started dating Oct. 11, 2004. :] w00t.

I have 5 new recipes to post on my recipe blog...urgh. Eventually today.

Random Fact About Me #12: I used to stay up to read when I was little. I used to get in big trouble for staying up too late reading too...and I'd read by the light of the street light outside and have crazy listening to make sure my parents weren't coming upstairs and wouldn't take my book away. LOL

Oh and a few pics :]
Daddy push-up!
Always picking up the kitty :/

Went to the mall on Friday :]

Eating Wendy's!

Silly boy!

Me and the kiddos :]

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh mah gosh!

Let me see here...I need to superly update.

Me: My finger is DEAD! Almost 2 weeks ago, I cut my finger. I cleaned it immediately, put antibiotic ointment on it and bandaged it up. was almost healed up completely this last weekend and then I noticed it was hurting a little. I thought maybe I had gotten a shard of glass in it. So I poked and prodded at it...and it got infected. I didn't know until 2 days ago for sure though. It got incredibly swollen and painful. I went to the dr Tuesday night..they did an xray, no glass. So I'm on cephalexin (Keflex?) and I soak it in warm water with this vinegar smelling stuff and then mupirocin and a band-aid. It is soooo painful right now. So painful I took 1/2 a hydro yesterday. I have no more hydros so I've been taking Midol :( I cannot even straighten my finger because it so swollen and painful. It's just ridiculous. I just want my finger to get back to normal :(

I am almost done with my first half of the fall semester of college. As most of you know from my complaining...I'm taking Mass Communications [which I love] and Freshman Comp [which I hate]. I only have a quiz and the final left in MC. I have my research paper and final essay for FC. Then I am DONE...until Oct 25. I'm taking Geology Lab, Intro to Geology and Intro to Psychology. It will be busy but I will also be incredibly lonely with no husband, so I want to knock a bunch out.

I've made my list of things that I want to get while Nick is deployed for around the house...around tax time I want to get the kids a dresser set (with at least one nightstand) for their rooms at Raymour & Flanigans. Cami needs a new carseat ASAP because she is outgrown from her one she has now. So I'm planning on spending a little extra money and getting a Graco Nautilus. It harnesses up to 65 lbs and boosters up to 100lbs. She's way too small for a booster seat yet. I would really like to replace some stuff that I have now that are starting to get a new set of knives for the kitchen [Paula Deen set], a new griddle because mine just crapped out on me, a new spice rack with new spices, a new vacuum [mine got left in the rain], and a new tv for our bedroom [the one we have is making this ringing noise loudly over the tv show audio, we've had it for a good 4 years and it's been through countless moves]. I also want a couple other things for around the house - a new litterbox that is easier to clean, a booklight, cushions for the kitchen chairs, and an iron and ironing board.

I have the kids' Christmas lists ready to go. I have wish lists together on so I can just order it when I'm ready. I'm excited for them to get their toys this year. I found a Leapster 2 CARS edition. It's just too cool!!

Kids: They have been HORRIBLE lately. Yesterday we told them that Daddy has to go to work work on the big airplane again. While he is deployed, I'm doing one of the construction paper chains with 365 take one off each day. We're going to draw pictures and write to him this time. Do little crafts :]  I'm very terrified of how the kids will react this time. The only thing I know is that Matthew's face lit up when I said that we would talk to Daddy on the computer like we did last time. I'm also terrified of how they will react/adjust when he finally comes home. I don't know if they are misbehaving because it's a stage or they realize Nick is going to deploy. I think it's the age. They are constantly hitting and fighting. They fight over toys, they are just rude to each other. It drives me up a wall. Cami terrorizes the cat. Not really on purpose...just she is too rough with her. Always wants to pick her up. GRR. The latest thing though is that Matthew has started DRAWING things. Actually drawing and not scribbling! I'm so proud of him. :]
His first person!
His spider - 8 legs - didn't tell him they had 8 legs.
This is a banana man.
Another spider...this one has 9 legs though.

Pretty crazy right now...but hopefully things will calm down and be a bit more together by the time Nick leaves. :/

Random Fact About Me #10 (I hope): I have an extremely massive turbo crazy sweet tooth. No joke.

Random Fact About Me #11 - 11 is my favorite #. Nick asked me out on Oct. 11 because I tricked him because I didn't want to be asked out on the 12th. He knew this and was torturing me telling me he was waiting until the 12th. Matthew and Cami's due dates were on the 11th of their months, both were born on their due dates on the 11th of their months and they were 11 months apart to the very day. Matthew's labor was 11 hours long! :]

Friday, October 1, 2010

CYS physicals today.

Bright and early this morning we went to Guthrie Clinic to get physicals for the kids. They were completely fine until we stepped into the actual dr part of the clinic [when we were called back]. Both started SCREECHING. Ughh.

So...Cami is 28.7 lbs [45%] and 3' 0.5" tall [60%] and Matthew is 34.1 lbs [50%] and 3' 3" tall [45%] - so both are pretty much average little kiddos :)

The dr set us UP for Matthew. We're getting Atarax, Zyrtec, Albuterol, Cutivate and Vanicream. << Is it crazy how much prescription crap Matthew gets??? The Albuterol is going to be a trial type thing because of his reaction to sesame. If it doesn't really "work," in case of an emergency, we will end up with an Epipen.

So I go to pick up all of that stuff later today after naptime, which will be magnificent. I HATE Guthrie's pharmacy. It's ridiculous. Seriously. It takes DECADES to get medicines.

Tonight we're doing a pizza & video game night with a few friends. w00t. Much better than the typical 8 zillion people over so everyone can get frat-boy shitty ass drunk and I have to make sure all the kids are okay and constantly clean up after everyone. :)

Random Fact About Me #9: I hate lipstick and lipgloss. I prefer lip balm/chapstick.