Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a day to give thanks for everything we have in our lives.

I am thankful to have a wonderful husband who has provided me and our children a roof over our head, food in our tummies and many many other things. I'm thankful for his unconditional love for me and the kiddos too. It makes me so happy to see the kids' faces light up when they get to talk to him on the phone. :) I am thankful that he has sacrificed so much to make sure we have everything we need and a bunch of stuff we don't need :P

I am thankful for those two little monsters. Even though they can put me at wit's ends with their tantrums and fighting, they are smart, funny, adorable little children and I could not ever imagine my life without them.

I am thankful for my other family too, especially my in-laws. I could not have married into a better bunch of people! I miss everyone soooo much! Only 2 weeks 6 days until I get the heck out of NY to come visit!

I am thankful for my friends - another especially, ESPECIALLY my lovely Clammies. I've known some of you for 3 years now and some of you just a few short months. Your personalities are all so great - and you make my day a lot easier to be able to have a safe place to laugh, vent, goof off, debate, etc. You all are amazing women and I couldn't imagine not having you all in my life either. <3

I am so very thankful for my life. Period. Sometimes I may vent and whine and complain, but all-in-all, I am surrounded by amazing, supportive AWESOME people. Love you all!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Before I make dinner.

Ohhh. I feel a little better rested today, even though I didn't go to bed until 2 am, working on homework.

I finally caught back up on my recipe blogs. Now I just need to clean my messy house.

Let me just say...I'm pretty stoked right now. I'm going to make Turkey cookies with the kids tomorrow and possibly some type of pumpkin food. Not sure if I'm doing it with the fresh pumpkin or in a can. I'm making fried pickles and Texas Baked Jalapenos peppers this week. In fact, I'm considering doing one of those two tonight.

I'm "caught up" on homework and I'm hoping to watch the rest of what's on my dvr or watch a movie tonight. Things got a little hectic when my mom and grandma were here and I got out of my normal routine, so I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Kind of unsuccessfully.

I'm revisiting my goals for the deployment since I'm 1/12th or so of the way through.
  1. Find stuff to do in the surrounding area that we haven't done before. EXPLORE. I haven't done this.
  2. Get through the 30-Day Shred..if I don't like it...P90X...or both. So...get my azz in shape for when Nick gets home. I had worked out for 2 weeks then stopped for a week. I hope I can get my butt in gear tomorrow and start again.
  3. Drink more water. No soda. I had root beer for 4 days last week while my mom was here.
  4. KEEP my cleaning schedule. Didn't do that last week either and I'm behind now.
  5. Organize all of the basement and get rid of anything that is get-riddable. Haven't started this.
  6. Find a place to get rid of the junk in the garage [the broken appliances]. Next bulk pickup is January.
  7. Read as many books as possible and watch all the movies Nick doesn't want to watch. Not very far in this.
  8. Try and get my natural hair color no dying my hair crazy colors.I tried to dye it bright red (crazy) so I could get it to fade but that turned out badly and I've been trying to let it set after trying to fix it didn't work.

Monday, November 15, 2010

In heat.

So...Bella is in heat again. I'm about to go insane. This makes three times in the last month and a half. I have a sneaking suspicion that when I call the vet on the 29th...the next schedule will be full :/ I HAVE to get her fixed and I'm about to take her off post to get it done. I cannot deal with it anymore. She doesn't meow until I get in bed and I already have enough trouble sleeping as is. She'll sit in the hallway and meow where it all echoes. UGHHHH.

The kids are driving me nuts too. They've gotten so rambunctious lately. They just run and yell, no matter how much I tell them to settle down and use their inside voices. Matthew has a bad case of the mines. It doesn't matter what he is playing with, the second Cami grabs a toy that is his, he freaks out and starts throwing a fit when she doesn't give him the toy. Cami hits Matthew for everything. No matter how many times I tell them to share and not hit, it doesn't happen. My throat has been scratchy and dry and I think it's from yelling.

Today will be Day #13 of the 30 day shred (almost halfway there). I'm moving up to Level 3 today and hoping I won't die. I saw Jillian on the Talk last week and have to admit, I think I like the heman. She's not so bad after all. And she has a new Wii game that comes out tomorrow that I'm eyeing.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

3rd Grade War Tactics

So I'm about to blog early early in the morning - eek! With no coffee, so excuse any spelling and grammar errors. My brain is not all here. And I'm im-ing with the hubby who is telling me that ALL his personal stuff was stolen. Someone has been fucking stealing everything. Well, maybe false reports. But the two things that were of importance were his blanket I crocheted him and his external harddrive. Pakinstanis are Al-Kaeda loving asshats. Seriously what is this, 3rd grade war tactics?? STUPID. So let's just hope that his stuff didn't get stolen.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Please Admit Me to Recipes Anonymous


Nick told me this morning that I had a problem when I told him my 4th batch of recipes to print out was 186 pages long - lol. I hopefully will take a break from hunting recipes to actually MAKE some of these suckers. I actually ran out of printer ink - whoopsies! :)

So the last week has been incredibly hectic. There was a lot of frustrating errands to run. I had almost gotten hit TWICE within a minute of each other by two idiots who weren't watching where they were going at all, trying to swerve in and out of lanes (I HATE driving up here). Cami has begun to act out in public.

I have made it through 7 days of the 30 day shred. I'm actually taking a break on Sundays to take a nap. So today was day #7. I moved up to Level 2 today. I like it better than #1 but definitely a bit different and more difficult. I'm seeing a little bit of results. I can see that my middle has slimmed a little bit and my arms actually have MUSCLE MUSCLE...actual LEGIT muscle! My legs are enduring more and getting less tired with each workout.

I just really need a nap once a week at least. It'd also be nice if I knew what type of schedule Nick is on. He used to get on at 12:30-1am to talk, now it's 11pm, 11am, 9am, 1pm...just crazy times. I have no clue when he'll call or message me.  I need to start going to bed earlier, but I am still getting 6 to 7 hours of sleep (of course, usually interrupted 1 or 2 times with Matthew scratching).

I'm starting to fall into a routine a bit, which is definitely helping me to cope. I think I am keeping busy enough to pass the time. I have my schoolwork, my workout, cleaning around the house, the kids, and blogging to keep me busy.

I'm EXCITED because my mom and grandma are coming up NEXT WEEK!!! YAY!

And CAMI POOPED in the potty last night. I was so excited. She did it on her own :) But no peeing or pooping today. I'm actually pretty sure she'll be poop trained before pee trained which is GOOD. Because most kids have a problem with pooping. She got a surprise for using the potty as well as a cookie and a sticker for her sticker chart :)

And now the kids are demanding I dye my hair red. LOL.
That is all for now, I suppose :)

Random Fact About Me #14 - I love taking road trips. I love mapping it out and being on the road.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Might I Mention

I literally have the best hubby in the whole universe.
It's nice to know that he can make me feel better no matter what.
So for that <3

Jillian Michaels is a crazy bitch. But she sure as hell can put out a good workout. I did Day 1 of the 30 Day Shred. Holy crapola. It's on a 3-2-1 system...3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio, 1 minute abs. 3 circuits for a 20 minute workout. I was/am DYING!! It's been 2 hours and I can hardly use my legs. And I'm going to do this all over again tomorrow. WHY??? LOL. I just hope it doesn't make me lose weight. I'm just trying to get toned. I only feel uncomfortable about a few spots on my body: my thighs, butt and waistish area. Plus, I don't think it could hurt to be better in shape, possibly exercise with the hubby.

The cat is in heat. And is really really really annoying. I just want her fixed so I don't have to see her in that weird crouch ass twitching position ever again. It's so disgusting. And the meowing is annoying. Oh and every time she is in heat she freaking jumps up in my blinds in my room at 3 in the morning. :/

Random Fact about Me #13: I love science - especially chemistry and social sciences! :D