Saturday, December 25, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's been a while.

I haven't blogged in a while (about my personal life). Eek.

Right now I'm finishing some awful Geology Lab. I honestly hope it's my last last last labs. I hate it. I'm making a B in the class and I can do nothing to change it and it makes me so incredibly angry. Who knew that my 4.0 GPA would be botched by a damn 1 CREDIT class? Grr.

Let me figure out what I can blog about because nothing has really been going on necessarily.

My body is falling apart. AF decided to be a bitch to me for her first visit after I stopped taking birth control. I had to run out for more supplies during the crappy weather last Thursday when the roads were black. As in, very dangerous to drive on. I've never driven on roads that were black. Not black ice but the color given to the road conditions when you are NOT supposed to drive on them. Everything on post closed at 4pm that day. I thought I had an ear infection...and while I was partially right...I was partially wrong. It wasn't an actual ear infection. It's a staph infection. Right on the inside of my ear. I accidentally popped it and discovered it was actually a small abcess. I kind of freaked about it because it's close to my brain. But the pain has gone down substantially and I don't really have any symptoms other than slight pain when I touch it. My whole back hurts from shoveling...oh man, I just need a GOOD massage and I'll be good.

Hmm. Bella is getting fixed on Monday!!! Of course, the day after I scheduled it, she had to go into ONE last heat...and this is the worst one yet. She has been peeing on EVERYTHING!

Matthew's new dr is a moron. She wanted to know why I needed a bigger bottle of Atarax (his anti-itch medication that he's been on since he was 8 months old). I was given a 60mL...he takes 3.5 to 5mL three times a day, every day. That means that measly little bottle will last us 4 or 5 days. Great. So the new dr was only giving us a 120mL bottle instead of the 400mL we used to get because she wants to know why he is taking this medicine and why he is taking so much. WTF. LOOK AT HIS FREAKING CHART YOU MORON. So we have to make an appt after Christmas to see her and discuss our "options" - which pisses me off. So I did an experiment at home...I stopped giving his medicine for 2 days...he tore himself up...I gave him his medicine at 12am last night after he had woken up 3x scratching his body up. Stupid doctor. Read up on your patients before you assume I'm "self-medicating" my son useless medication :/ GRR.

And that's about it. LOL.
Oh no! Wait...I GOT A KITCHENAID ARTISAN STAND MIXER!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited. I used it last night - it was epicly awesome! OMFG. I nearly died of utter amazement. It's so awesome!

Okay...that's it. haha.