Saturday, May 29, 2010

I fail.

See....told ya so. I'm the most horrific blogger ever. My new plan is to blog the hell out of 2010. Well, what's left of 2010. LOL.

Let me think of what to update on since it's been since April 2009.

We've been (or at least kids & I) here in NY on base since April 23. The house is huge and a pain in the ass to clean. We now have a dog and a cat. We got Oreo, who is a black lab/Dane mix, in early March. She's a HUGE dog and very clumsy and clingy. I don't like her. But I'm used to dogs like Jake, Shadow, Wilson & Maggie. Normal dogs. With no separation anxiety issues. And dogs that listen to me. She still does not listen to me. We got Bella, my calico kitty, in mid April. She's the BEST. She's sassy and reminds me of Wolfman. She is super cuddly and just all around a good cat. 

I started school in August 2009. I've made straight A's so far. I've taken Sociology, Biology, Medical Terminology, Nutrition, 2 Algebra courses and 2 Spanish courses. I'm looking forward to my next 3 classes which are Biology of Aging, Bio Lab and Human Ecology. I start those on June 21st. I'm due to graduate in summer of 2011, Hopefully by then, we will be PCSing soon and then I will be working on getting into a good nursing program and earn my RN. We've come up with a new plan as far as the next 5 years. Nick is due out of the army in 2014. By then, we are planning on both having an Associate's Degree and be ready to get jobs in the civilian world. We're also hoping to get a VA loan and buy a good amount of land somewhere outside Knoxville and build our own house...alongside with Mom and Erich. We told them they would never get rid of us...and we meant it. We miss being home and near the people we love the most. I get a little jealous when I see others being able to spend time with the family and want that for us and the kids, rather than the 2 times a year we get now.

As for the kids, they are now 2 and 3. They are just the smartest, silliest little things ever. Matthew is a splitting image of Nick. He just started potty training 2 weeks ago and is doing well except for pooping. He has only done that once successfully in the potty. He says it scares him. So we're trying to encourage him. He's been otherwise accident free and dry during nap and bedtime. We've even ventured out of the house a few times with NO accidents. Matthew's eczema is really the same. He still gets staph from time to time but no abscesses, thank god. The animals seem to have NO effect on him at all. He has been looking a little rough lately, but Nick & I have been having horrible issues with OUR allergies/sinuses lately. The tree pollen is horrible up here. Anyways, Matthew is a talkative little monster. He's been speaking very clearly and very well for a while now. He's still the biggest sweetheart ever. And still very obsessed with Cars. VERY obsessed.

Cambria is doing well too. She's a little drama queen but even when she's throwing fits...she's just too adorable. I'm going to attempt to potty train next month and see how she does. She wasn't quite ready this month. She loves to dance and she LOVES the kitty. Lately she's been having problems going to bed at night. I contribute this to the fact that all 4 two-year-old molars are cutting at the same time. Ouch. She's a little girly girl at times. She loves having bows in her hair (although she rips them out)...and she loves to get her nails painted and wear dresses. She has a new-found appreciation for the Disney Princesses and her favorite is "Snow Wipe" LOL. She's as rotten as can be!

They both have hit their sibling rivalry type phase. They like to steal each other's toys...push and hit each other. And what not. Some days I swear I'm going to lose it...and other days they are best friends and cuddle and love each other.

Nick just made points for next month, meaning he will be promoted...FINALLY. He's also preparing for another deployment. :(

Anyways...I think that's it for now. I'll have to update again, at the very latest, next week. We've been busy cleaning all day long for a cookout tomorrow. (: