Monday, June 14, 2010

At Wit's End

Nearing the end of Nick's WLC field whatcha-ma-call-it. I've had NO contact with him since last Wednesday and I'm about to go crazy. The kids have been extra bratty and hard to deal with all week. I'm just plain exhausted and I miss Nick. It stinks not to hear from him, even though he's near and safe. It's kind of like a preview of the next deployment and I don't like it one bit. I have little to no patience, or sanity for that matter left, and everything is making me upset or sad. This is why I hate being an Army Wife. I figured it would get easier, but it never will. I'm TERRIFIED of the next deployment. The first deployment wasn't really all that just turned me into a mess when it comes to my emotional state. I cry at the drop of a pin. I get emotional over everything. :( Stupid deployment. I just pray that the kids start behaving better before he leaves. They both have been fighting like cats and dogs ALL week. They steal each others' toys and Matthew has become the master of NOT touching Cami but making her scream and whine anyways. Cami has REALLY become the little terrible two year old. She throws tantrums all day long. I put them in bed at 8. And I spend the next two hours UP and DOWN the stairs putting them BACK in bed, in fact I've been downstairs 4 times now while writing this blurb. Matthew thinks it's just hilarious to be defiant and not listen to me even though I KNOW he understands and can do what I ask. I NEED a break.

My school starts next Monday so I'll be working on that shortly to get a head start. I have 3 classes instead of 2. I'm hoping to knock out all of Bio Lab really fast and then concentrate on Human Ecology and Biology of Aging. I'm beta-testing a new game on Cafemom. Pretty sweet, right? So far it's a pretty cool game. They brought the Latte Land game to FB so maybe eventually Baker Street will be on FB too.

Anywhooos...I am all kinds of disconbobulated right now. I'm 8 zillion different emotions...did I mention I'm PMS-ing, 'cause that totally helps. I'm really wanting to get the hell out of NY and be home in Knoxville, even though I'll be doing schoolwork a lot during the DOWN DOWN time...when the kids are in bed.

Does anyone want to purchase 2 kids and a dog? I've got some!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So...I'm bored and on my computer while the kids are watching The Fresh Beat Band. We just ate dinner and Daddy is in WLC....and I'm like "What on earth is that little app I have in my Yahoo! toolbar??" Oh yeah. It's my blog. LOL

Nothing new really to talk about here..

The kids have been driving me nuts. Nick is in WLC so he's not been at home much and when he is home it's for a meal or sleep. The neighbor spent ALL day screaming at her kids. I'm reading the 4th installment in the Sookie Stackhouse series and patiently awaiting the 13th.

And that's about it.
28 Days til Block Leave to Knoxville.