Thursday, August 26, 2010

:) I heart Tennessee!

Today Nick and I had our first day date since 2006 :) We went to Gatlinburg in hopes of going to Dollywood Splash Country, however, they decided to be closed today and we didn't know til we got there.

So instead, we went go-carting, played laser tag, ate some ice cream, did a 4D movie thing, went horseback riding and visited the Smoky Mountain Knives store.

It was really fun. 
Then Nick found out that he made cutoffs AND his name was ON the list. Meaning as of 1 Sept 2010, my husband is a SERGEANT. It took him a month short of a year and a half. A handful of soldiers just made their promotable status and are all getting their e5s after a month. Stupid 25B lameness is what THAT is. Hopefully e6 will come easier :)

Horseback riding was SOOO awesome. We had the best guide. He let us gallop and he took us to a part where our horses would leap a little [I lost my sunglasses there]. Nick had a huge ass horse [biggest they had], Dan, who apparently LOVES to run. I had a sassy, full of 'tude half blind horse named Jesse. She was all attitude. She would stop in the middle of the trail. Go slow. Walk off the trail to stop and stare off into space, etc. She was crazy. But I kind of liked her.

Go-carts were alright, but laser tag was AWESOME. We were the only two there and it was fun. We tied at 800 points a piece. :) That's right, I'm a hooah hooah girl :) LOL.
NOM Wendy's!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When Pigs Fly

And they are about to.

Yesterday big pig bit me TWICE. I have a bruise on my leg from it. Then little pig was just getting on my nerves making too much noise but he eventually just wanted to cuddle, so he climbed up in between my legs and laid down. Then Wilson (springer spaniel) laid on my right side and Daisy (dachshund) decided to lay on my left. I just had animals galore! Well...then little pig, Gunther, gets down and he eventually tries to get back up. He springs up ONTO my chest and scrambles across me. It hurt SOOOO bad. Stupid little hooves stabbed me. Cut me right underneath my ribs. Then Gunther woke me up at 3 am squealing and I had to get him to go lay down in bed upstairs. That was FUN.

Mainly...I hate pigs. A lot.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

T-minus 2 days!

Friday night we leave for Knoxville. I've never been more ready and unready at the same time. I usually have things packed by now. And I haven't even started. I think I'll probably start tomorrow. I have a lot of the house to clean...which I'll probably do tomorrow and Friday because I don't want to clean today. LOL. I'm dreading the drive to Knoxville. Eeeek. I love road trips and I'm glad we get to leave at midnight this time, but I'm still pretty much dreading the drive. 14 hours is a long trip. I don't know how I was able to stay up for 18+ hours when my family made trips from Minnesota to Tennessee. But I'm ready to go and enjoy some vacation time and family time with everyone. I'll probably make another trip down there for Christmas and then in late April, early May for Nick's R&R. So it'll be nice to see everyone more than just the standard 2x a year.

I've been on the lookout for a recipe that I'm not sure the name of, but my grandmother made frequently in my childhood. It's some kind of macaroni salad. She used elbow macaroni sometimes, other times she used this ring macaroni. I know it has mayo in it and tuna, celery and baby peas. It's bothering me that I have YET to make this recipe and I don't have the actual recipe for it! What's wrong with me? I have all kinds of recipes and I don't even have the best recipes from my family?? I'm up to 52 pages of recipes on my 2nd recipe Word file. The first one was like 60+ pages. I really need to stop. LOL.

What else, what else. Hmm. Nothing that I can think of...
Lookie what I got :)

True Blood shot glasses - one from each bar :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feeling better :)

Yesterday was a pretty good day. So I'm definitely feeling better. 

I finally got 3 new recipes up on my recipe blog (Fantastical Sharing of Recipes) and I'm hoping to get one more up today. Maybe. :/

Still pretty bored here at the house. I'm glad we are going to Knoxville this weekend. :) I talked to Nick last night about what we are going to do on our dates. I'm hoping maybe we can do something like go to Dollywood or Dolly Splash Country for a day, just the two of us. It seems we are always doing dinner and a movie and that's kind of boring and when we went to Water Safari 2 weeks ago and were able to be by ourselves, it was nice. I love the kids to death, but I didn't realize how nice it was to have time without them with just Nick. Of course, we'll have to see what everyone else's schedule is like and if it would be okay to take a day away from the kids. Luckily we will be there for 16 or 17 days instead of like 10 or 5 like we got last time.

I'm also hoping to make tons of new recipes in Knoxville! I have yet to make Broccoli Cheddar soup for Emma and Mom and I know they would love it. And I definitely want to make this spaghetti sauce and ultimate breadsticks too. AND I got a Skyline Chili copycat recipe that I want to compare with Mom's.

And that's about it. Check it out...snapped this picture before the FRG meeting last Thursday :D

And here's one of my kitty :D And the puzzle we are working on too!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You know it's going to be a GREAT day when...

Your day starts out with your lovely daughter spilling a FULL cup of coffee on your coffee table (ironic, much?), all over your carpet, and on your couch. :/

Today is probably going to be super boring. I need to make Candy Cookie bites for tomorrow's FRG meeting. I'm hoping that Nick gets let out early. It's one of the biggest reasons I never go to the FRG meetings. They are at 6pm and Nick doesn't get home before 5:30 on most days. Tomorrow's meeting is at Remington Park, which will take at least a good 30 minutes to get to. It's like a picnic/potluck type dealie and we get to play Volleyball and Soccer. AKA I'm GONNA BE KICKING ASS! I've decided that these soldiers are going to see me as the most kick ass wifey ever. I can make awesome food, Nick talks well of me (that I know of) and I'm going to be rough and tough with the guys. :) w00t.

Now a more serious topic. PMS. It sucks. I'm cramping and it hurts a lot. I'm too lazy to get up and get Midol. And I hope this coffee helps because if 

I have a feeling that I will be playing a lot of MarioKart today. Both of the kids are going nuts over it. It's probably their biggest obsession other than Spongebob.

And a special shout-out to my loverly clone Ambs <3

AND. Today is the start of my newest addition to my blog: Random Fact About Me.
#1: I have an extremely clear memory. I can remember things very clearly from as early as when I was 3.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tattoos & True Blood

I just started reading Kat Von D's book High Voltage last night. Pretty rad. Then I had a dream that I was getting tattoos touched up.

Speaking of tattoos. I really really really want to get at least the one around my wrist soonishly. I'm scared to death of it, but not really. I want to get the Avenged Sevenfold lyric on my left wrist (same hand as my wedding ring) because it means more to me. I'm also looking at Lady Gaga lyrics trying to find one I really like and I want that one on my right wrist. I'm also contemplating getting those corset tattoos more to the front of my torso than the absolute sides. Will the corset tattoos ever happen? I'm not sure but I really want the song lyrics on my wrists more than anything. I'm sure it couldn't be too expensive either. Then I wouldn't feel so damn guilty about getting a tattoo.

Nick and I watched Episode 8 of True Blood. I am incredibly disgusted and thoroughly disappointed at how far from the books Alan Ball has decided to stray. Eric is not GAY nor is he a bow-down kiss-your-ring type of vampire. That is bullshit. Bill and Sookie do not get back together. Jason is supposed to be a were by now. Holly isn't super old or crazy-looking and was working there in the beginning. Alcide needs to KISS Sookie already. Tara needs to stop quivering her chin. Where the hell is Franklin? He's not dead! Russell and Sophie-Anne don't marry. Russell marries that King of Indiana and Sophie-Anne will marry the King of Arkansas. The Hotshot community is not full of meth heads. WTF? I'm just super mad. I would love to punch Alan Ball for RUINING the integrity of the characters that Charlaine Harris built!

I also am pretty mad that we have nothing appetizing in the house for breakfast for me. So I'm eating a PopTart. :( I want an English Muffin with peanut butter...or like a danish or something.

I'm tired. :(

Thursday, August 5, 2010

About to go insane today.

Thank God tomorrow is a DONSA! (Day of No Scheduled Activities) AKA Nick is home all day. *phew*

The kids are being defiant and have a sudden onset of selective hearing. Neither of them can share and they steal toys and are just mean to each other. They think it's perfectly okay NOT to listen to me. AT ALL. Add in a noisy lawnmower during naptime and a hubby coming home super late...equals a very very angry aggravated annoyed mommy.

I have found a ton of new recipes and I'm continuing to do so today. I printed off 65 pages worth of recipes (over 100 recipes) this morning and I'm super stoked to try a ton of new recipes.
I am enjoying my black hair. It only took me a day to get used to it. :)

And there is the fourth consecutive day of blogging. YAY.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh for the love of food.

I'm really beginning to like doing a recipe blog (Shameless advertising: Fantastical Sharing of Recipes) and it's also making me question my career. When I was younger, I (at some point) wanted to go to culinary school. In fact, if the magnet school in Knoxville wasn't so dangerous, I would have transferred there. Maybe. I love cooking. I'd love to learn how to cook more intricate things and different techniques. Today I'm going to hit up a ton of websites looking for new recipes to try. I'm very excited to share more recipes! I hope that everyone is able to find things that they like or want to try. And I'll definitely take requests for certain types of food if you want!

Other news: I'm no longer a ginger. I was still on the fence last night and asked Nick his opinion, but he was ignoring me. Then as I was dying it..."I wish you would've kept it red." Well, thanks honey. Thanks a lot. LOL. It's been since last November that I had my hair super dark. It's definitely a big huge difference. But when it settles down and the dye is off of my skin (one of the worst parts of dark hair dye)...I know it''ll be fine. And it always fades into a beautiful normal brown.

Hmm. Let's see what else...OH! Got my new dust buster in the mail yesterday, with my HDMI cable (High speed and 6 feet - woooo!), AND my Guilty Pleasures Graphic Novel (First Anita Blake book) and my Volume 2 of the Amory Wars. I feel like a freakin' nerd. But I'm excited. "Sliding into Home" should be here today! :) I need to stop getting new books. I'm going to end up never finishing anything on my shelf and Kindle. Sheesh.

That is all for now :) I did it - Day 3. That's right. I'm not sucking too hard on blogging right now!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm Cereal.

I finally finished my summer classes (they officially end Aug 15). I'm pretty proud of myself. I took on three classes at once and they were pretty hard classes. Plus I'm fairly certain I made straight A's AGAIN. In ALL three classes :) Am I awesome, or is it just me? My new classes start on Aug 30. I'm taking Mass Communications and Freshman Comp. Wish me luck, I will die. I always freak and underestimate myself with English and essays. I know I will have essays. But if I get something that I can passionately write about, I'll be good.

I'm making a new recipe tonight (Skillet Herb Roasted Chicken) and I'm debating whether or not to dye my hair. Should be a dark brown. It's called "Chocolate Velvet."

I'm seriously...bored to tears. I think that I'm about to play a game or look at more LOLCats or maybe some Cyanide & Happiness. Eep.

So yep. That is all. I'm lame and boring, but at least I blogged 2 days in a row :) Go me!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sarah sucks at blogging.

It's totally true. I suck.
However, I have made another blog that will be JUST for recipes :) As a ton of you know, I love to try new recipes and share them. So you can find that lovely blog here! So you should totally check it out. Of course, it's completely empty now, but I'm going to try and add some new ones today. Especially since I'm trying to take more pictures of food. haha.

Mini Updates.
Me: I've been swamped with homework until last week. I have an assignment and final in Bio of Aging and 2 labs, 2 quizzes and final in Bio Lab. I'm done with Ecology as of last Thursday and I made an A :) w00t. I'm dying my hair maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow since I haven't washed out the chlorine from yesterday's adventure to Water Safari! I've been able to read a new series called Queen Betsy by Mary Janice Dickenson. It's, of course, a vampire series. But it's amazing. I love it.

Nick: Training hard, or hardly training. We're still not sure. Still no promotion. RIDICULOUS. But he does now have his own CPN team and that means his OWN soldiers. They are talking about giving him corporal stripes if he doesn't get promoted before deployment. Speaking of which, it's creeping up extremely fast on us. Not cool.

Matthew: IS FULLY POTTYTRAINED WITH NO ACCIDENTS!!! EEP!! It's amazing. He did it ON his own terms when he wanted to. I didn't really have to do a thing. He's been doing a little poorly lately with getting along with Cami. He has now started to pretty much bully her. It's rough. But he's getting better. He is still a ginormous cuddle bug and he talks so clearly and so well. He understands so many concepts and he's a sweetie pie.

Cambria: Holy buckets. What a prissy little thing! She loves to wear jewelry and dresses and absolutely loves anything princess, pink or anything that has to do with animals. She's a girly girl. Well, except for her obsession with dirt. She loves it. She's beginning to get more sentence structure. AND Cami loves to sing and dance. She always requests me to play songs and dance with her. She's too cute.

Pets: And mah kitteh is amazing. I love Bella. We couldn't have asked for a more amazing cat.

Nick & the kids on the Tram to go to Knoxville Zoo
Michele (cousin), Matthew & Cambria in the Butterfly exhibit
They love Aunt Casey :)
Me & the little Monsters
One of my favorites of the LOVES of my life!
We're kind of stupid.
Cami at the park.
Who can resist THAT face? <3
My big almost 3 1/2 year old
My big 2 1/2 year old
The kids with their friend Lexi at Water Safari
My favoritest picture of them EVER
Well...I'm sure that is all I have for today. Got to get on the food making and Bio Lab homework.