Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FIR '11: Reading Question #4

If you haven't seen my list...please go check it out: HERE.
Today's Question:
How large is your personal/family collection of books? And where do you keep them?

Much like myself, my husband is also a bookworm. So when we got married and moved in together, we combined our huge book collection. Right now we currently have 2 or 3 giant tubs (those plastic ones you get at Walmart for $5) full of all the "kid" books and book series that we didn't want to read any time in the future necessarily (we have 40+ Animorph books, Goosebumps books, Area 51 books, etc.). Our bookshelf in our room is overflowing with books. We actually are thinking of getting another bookshelf. I thought to myself a few weeks ago that we kind of looked like book hoarders because not only are there books on the bookshelf...there is a huge stack on my husband's nightstand, a small stack on my nightstand with my Kindle...2 large stacks of books on the floor next to my side of the bed (by the bookshelf) and various books all over the house. The kids are little bookworms too. I cannot tell you how many books they have. Shoo. At least 100. They have books upstairs as well as little stacks in their bedrooms.
This is a very poor picture due to bad lighting in our room...but it's a 5 shelf bookshelf...there are books in it the regular way...books stacked on top of those, in front of those, etc. I also have a bunch of books IN my nightstand.
In this picture, months can kind of see the bookshelf on the left there...this was before my shopping sprees at a closing Borders and then half off all paperbacks at B&N. AHHHHH! 

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